Learning Commons

Using Active Learning Strategies

It is common to focus upon "acing your courses", meaning earning good grades. The reality is that, by focusing on how to maximize your LEARNING, you will earn good grades, but also will remember and understand much more of the information. On this page, we will summarize tips and resources for maximizing your learning. Learning means change, and often we are influenced by our "mindset" about our situation. It takes a "growth mindset" to change. To learn more about a growth versus fixed mindset, check out the Mindset Kit at: https://www.mindsetkit.org/topics/about-growth-mindsetComparison of growth versus fixed mindset

Becoming An Expert Learner

Every student has the ability to maximize learning potential. This three-video series offers ways to become more efficient, reduce distractions, and get the most out of every learning opportunity. The videos are designed to fit together, and to be watched in order. 


Working Collaboratively with Others

Learning often is most effective when working with others. Here are some tips and resources for making learning more collaborative:


College Info Geek Video Series

Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek, has created several videos that incorporate relevant research on learning with practical tips. We have compiled a selection into our Learning Commons YouTube channel that can benefit students at any point in their academic career.


Other Resources

How To Read a Syllabus (created by a tutor from USM's Learning Commons)

HowToStudy.org offers a wide array of resources for students, including academic strategies for different fields of study, how to improve memory, and how to deal with test anxiety.

This site from Study Guides and Strategies covers some of the most helpful tips for test taking. Check out the links to the "Test Preparation Series" at the bottom of the page.