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Angie Bellefleur

Angie Bellefleur

Angie Bellefleur, Social and Behavioral Science

Angie BellefleurFor Angie Bellefleur, the process of earning a bachelor’s degree from Lewiston Auburn College was as educational as the work involved in earning the degree itself.

“My education prepared me to really be fully engaged in the work that I do,” says Bellefleur, who manages a home visitation support service for new parents. “I have the skills to speak to the media, to write grants, or to sit on the floor with a mom who’s crying. I feel very well-rounded.”

Flexibility, practicality, and quality are words she uses to characterize LAC, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. In all, thirteen years passed between Bellefleur’s first undergraduate course and matriculation. A shifting academic focus, as well as family and work obligations presented obstacles. And LAC helped her work around them.

“LAC understands the challenges students face,” she says. “It’s willing to acknowledge those things as real and valid, and it works with you to support your goals.”

She says faculty’s flexibility on issues such as deadlines and credit for workplace experience while maintaining high standards makes students feel they are partners in their education. And the ability to create a collaborative atmosphere is essential in social services.

“I’ve been amazed at the breadth and quality of the education I’ve earned here,” she says. “I feel comfortable going toe-to-toe with any of the people I’ve worked with who have master’s degrees from very reputable schools. I’m much more well-rounded than many of my professional counterparts.”