Lewiston-Auburn College

Ant Farm Opening Reception

April 11, 2014
6:00 PM
Lewiston Campus, Atrium Art Gallery

Opening reception for "Ant Farm: At the Nexus of Art and Science" will be held in the Atrium Art Gallery, Friday, April 11, from 6 pm - 8 pm. Refreshements provided by cafe Bread Shack. The event is free and open to the public.

Ant Farm is a multi-media collaborative exhibit merging art and science inspired by leafcutter ants. Four artists, Colleen Kinsella, Rebecca Goodale, Dorothy Schwartz, and Vivien Russe, have long been close friends and several years ago dreamed up an idea of a project where they truly work collaboratively–like a small ant colony–to create a singular but multi-faceted project. This visual representation of leafcutter ants highlights their social structure and life cycle, including nuptial flights, egg laying, food gathering, and fungus cultivating. The exhibit features printmaking, installations, drawing, collage, and artists’ books. Elliott Schwartz and Caleb Mulkerin composed and performed original music with Colleen Kinsella for the exhibition.

Contact Information

Robyn Holman