Lewiston-Auburn College

Community Fund

The USM LAC Community Free Exchange “Bank” is a project sponsored by the he LAC Community Fund committee. Located in the lobby area of the faculty office suite (Suite 162) just behind the partition, this is an unmonitored, free “bank” for food, gently used clothing, toys, and food and gas coupons. This “bank” is intended for anyone in the LAC community who finds him- or herself in need, for whatever reason. Nobody should go hungry in our community (including our pets)!

If you have more than you need, please stop by and drop something off! A listing of the most desirable items is included below. If you need more than you have, please stop by and pick something up!

This is meant to be an ongoing resource for our community, not a one-time event. Please remember that this free exchange bank is unmonitored, and DO pay attention to what types of item are allowed in each box. If you think there is a need for a type of item not included here, please e-mail Carol Nemeroff at cnemeroff@usm.maine.edu.

Food and drink items requested: Food and drink items must be non-perishable, and not stale-dated.

Most useful canned and jarred items: meats, beans, fish, soups and stews (particularly chunky soups), peanut butter, fruits, vegetables including tomatoes and tomato sauces. Most useful dried and boxed items: breakfast cereals, oatmeal, beans, soup and pasta/meal mixes, rice, pasta, etc. If you have combinations that can form meals, please consider attaching them to each other (e.g., a box of Tuna Helper plus a can of tuna).

Most useful drinks: Sealed tea and coffee, nonperishable milk (e.g., powdered, evaporated, or shelf-safe), instant breakfast drinks, and healthy juices (i.e., 100% juices, not Kool-Aid or other non-nutritious items; and obviously, no alcohol). Staples: flour, oil, salt, sugar, baking soda, etc.

Pet food and supplies: Canned or pouch food for cats and dogs, dry kibble, cat litter. (Other suggestions are welcome.)

Non-food items requested: These should be in reasonable condition, and clean. Clothing and outerwear for adults and children. Toys and stuffed animals (non-toxic and reasonably clean please).

Coupons: There is a tin (labeled) in which you may put gas and grocery coupons; please do check the expiration dates when you are depositing or taking coupons.

Questions? Please email Carol Nemeroff at cnemeroff@usm.maine.edu