Lewiston-Auburn College

Dan Jenkins

Chair and Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Studies

Office Location

208E, Lewiston Campus Building


(207) 753-6592

Academic Degrees

  • University of South Florida, Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Higher Education: Administration
  • University of South Florida, M.A. in Political Science
  • Florida State University, B.S. in Communication Studies


Originally from Tampa, Florida, Dan Jenkins joined the USM family in 2012. Prior to that, Dan was the Program Coordinator and Co-Director of the Leadership Studies Academic Minor Program at the University of South Florida, and an academic advisor for their Bachelor of Science in Applied Science, Hospitality Management, and Information Technology degree programs. During his time in Florida, he was very active in state government, volunteering for gubernatorial, congressional, and school board campaigns, working as a policy analyst for the Florida House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations during 2003 legislative session, and teaching courses on state and American government as well as political science at Hillsborough Community College. Dan also worked in the hospitality and beverage industries in major restaurant chains, country clubs, arenas, and football stadiums, in addition to various customer service, operational, and quality assurance roles for a Fortune 500 finance company.

Areas of Expertise

Dan's area of expertise is leadership education and pedagogy. He teaches courses primarily in leadership and organizational theory as well as others in the leadership and organizational studies program and common core. Additionally, he is actively involved in the International Leadership Association, Association of Leadership Educators, and NASPA.  

Research Interests

Dan's primary research interests include leadership education, pedagogy, diversity and development, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, college teaching, and higher education policy.

Professional Activity

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