Lewiston-Auburn College

Employee Idea Form

Any LAC staff or student employee--or group of employees--may submit an idea at any time. Ideas may be submitted using the on-line form below, via campus mail, or emailed by using an idea form and including all pertinent information outlined below. Forms should be sent to Wendy Mitchell wmitchell@maine.edu.

What is an IDEA? An idea is not a suggestion; a suggestion is something you recommend someone else does; an idea is something ‘I” can do in my own work to make things better.

Ideas should include:

  1. A description of the problem to be addressed or the area to be improved;
  2. A detailed description of the solution; and
  3. An analysis of the benefits to the University such as quality, productivity, process improvement, revenue-generation or morale-enhancement.

The Idea Coordinator will acknowledge, in writing, the receipt of each idea within 3 days of submission. Each Idea Team meets at least bi-weekly and will consider each idea and implement it or park it for further consideration. Ideas that are more appropriately dealt with at the senior administrative level will be referred to a suitable individual for further evaluation and action. The sponsor/s of the idea will be informed as to the status of their idea after the Idea Team has reviewed it.

For a hard copy PDF version of the form please download here

All suggestions will be encoded to ensure anonymity before being forwarded to the Suggestion Team.

1. Describe the present situation, condition, method, or procedure to be improved. Please be specific. What processes, products and/or services are affected? If completing in hard copy, please attach additional pages if needed.  

2. What is your idea? Be specific – describe the proposed improvement and indicate how and where it can be made or implemented. What teams or organizations need to be involved to implement the improvement? If completing in hard copy, please attach additional pages if needed.   

3. How will your idea save money, make operations more efficient or effective, increase revenue, improve processes, improve customer service, or support LAC’s Strategic Plan? If completing in hard copy, please attach additional pages if needed. Indicate number of pages attached.