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Ian Doucette

Ian Doucette

Ian Doucette

Ian DoucetteHe might be steering a raft full of summer campers through white water or skating toward goal in a men’s league hockey game. Moving forward isn’t always the easy way for Ian Doucette, but it is the most worthwhile.

Doucette made college a priority coming out of Lewiston High School, though he did have his doubts. He was wary of the time and energy that college would require of him – not to mention the simple need to sit still. Plenty of friends had claimed they’d take a year off before going on to school. They haven’t yet.

“I didn’t want to do that,” says Doucette. “I figured in this economy I needed a college degree to live a happy life.”

He enrolled at USM and, while challenged, he discovered his fears unfounded.

When he found the courses he wanted were offered right in Lewiston, Doucette enrolled at Lewiston Auburn College. A math course with Associate Professor Paul Caron was proof he was headed in the right direction.

“I’m a hands-on learner. It’s so much easier to learn through projects,” Doucette says. “(Caron) had us build a catapult to get the concept of the quadratic function. After that, I definitely get the idea.”

Doucette is considering very different career paths, business or teaching. And he’s confident LAC will provide the experience he’ll need for either one.

“I definitely like working with kids,” he says. “It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s rewarding.”

And it would certainly satisfy that need to be on the move.