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Julie Balistreri

Julie Balistreri

Julie Balistreri, Natural and Applied Science

Julie BalistreriJulie Balistreri has a hard time believing the breadth of field experience she’s enjoyed at Lewiston Auburn College.

As a Natural and Applied Sciences major, her diverse resume includes research on the health effects of wood stove emissions in the Greenville area, an internship with the state Department of Environmental Protection, and attending a summer conference on the human genome project at the National Institutes of Health. Course work not only helped her land a job as a pharmacy technician; it also helped her gain a pay raise well ahead of schedule.

Who knows how far she can go after graduation?

“It’s pretty amazing for one person at a small state university to have had these sorts of opportunities,” she says.

It’s even more amazing for a person who almost didn’t attend LAC at all. Five years after high school graduation, she enrolled in a local college and was working at a health club. A club member who worked at LAC saw her studying at the front desk, and he encouraged her to transfer.

“He even brought the application to the gym and helped me fill it out,” she says. “From that point on, I just fell in love with the faculty. They’re very supportive.”

That introduction generated high expectations for the school. For Balistreri, the actual experience has exceeded them.

“I knew going to college would be a good step in the right direction for where I wanted to be in my life,” she says. “I couldn’t imagine getting this much experience if I’d gone anywhere else.”