Lewiston-Auburn College

Kris McClure

Kris McClure

Kris McClure , Social and Behavioral Science

Kris McClureKris McClure ’09 found just what he needed at USM’s Lewiston-Auburn College.

“The huge thing for me was the relationships,” he says, “with professors, classmates, and the administration. Those relationships opened a lot of doors I’d never considered.”

He had studied at two colleges in New Hampshire, and then left school to work for a financial services firm. For a while, the pay made him question the need even to finish a degree.

“Then I realized that selling people things they didn’t really need, like a car loan or another credit card, wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” he says.

He moved home and decided to complete an undergraduate degree. Once he began working with faculty such as his advisor, Barry Rodrigue, associate professor of arts and humanities, he found LAC to be a perfect fit.

A summer internship working with refugee/immigrant students revealed a new application for the interpersonal skills he’d honed as a salesman. He completed a bachelor’s degree in social and behavioral sciences and earned a certificate to teach English as a second language.

He recently joined the faculty of Longley Elementary School in Lewiston, as an education technician working with the school’s large refugee/immigrant population. It’s a first step in a career in education that will likely include a doctorate, he says. This onetime salesman may one day be the headmaster of a charter school for children of refugees.

“LAC awakened me to the possibilities for myself,” McClure says. “The experience really helped me stretch and grow.”