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The Art Group presents the exhibit: 42 Artists, 84 Views

"The Art Group"


"The Art Group" formerly known as Ossipee Riverland Artists League was founded in 2004. The group is comprised of a diverse group of artists from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Artist members work in various styles and mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media, encaustic, collage, ceramics, sculpture, tapestry, jewelry, photography and videography.  The group was founded by marine watercolor artist Ron Harrison of Salem, Massachusetts, and is coordinated by Peter Abate of West Newfield, Maine and Norman Royle of Wakefield, New Hampshire.  Artists in the group network with each other, share art and information with the goal of participating in three to four art related venues throughout the year.  Many of our members belong to and are involved with art associations, art galleries and the running of various art organizations and businesses.  The show opens on Monday September 12, 2016 and runs through January 6, 2017.


A Reception to meet the artists will be held on:

October 7th, 2016

5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m

University of Southern Maine

7th Floor Glickman Family Library-Portland Campus


Artist Members exhibiting work at the Glickman Library:  Peter Abate,  Madelyn Albee,  Darlene Bean,  Ruth Bleau,  Barbara Bradley,  Judy Brenner,  Peggy Brewster,  Betty Flournoy Brown,  Valerie Schurer Christle,  Sally Cornwell,  Joyce Desmarais,  Deb DeCicco,  Mabel Doyle,  Ken Eason,  Liese Gauthier,  J.P. Goodwin,  Bev Grant,  Bob Farrell,  Grace Ferguson,  Ron Fountain,  Ron Harrison,  Daryl -Ann Dartt Hurst,  D.L. Kaulbach,  Josef Keller, Rebecca Klementovich,  Elaine Klement, Emily Marsh,  Heather MacLeod,  Anita Muise, Karen Nastuk,  Mikel O'Brien, Jeff Roberts,  Norman Royle,  Gabe Smith,  Susan Trayes,  Juls Twombley,  Anne Vaughan,  Jill Vendituoli'  Lukas K. Weber,   Corina Willette, Ruth Willett and Matt Wyatt.

For more information or sales inquires:  Please call Peter Abate at 207 233 5483 or email: