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Exhibit: Meggan Gould: Bureau of Visual Instruction

MEGGAN GOULD: Bureau of Visual Instruction

Artist Statement 

"The Bureau of Visual Instruction is an ongoing body of work, an open-ended dissection of the fluidity of photographic vision. Visualizing layers of information, and our habits of vision within these layers, is a continual undercurrent within my work. After years of teaching photography, I began to examine my own language of photographic instruction, and the remnants of the image making process. Fingers on lenses, opened boxes of unexposed film, water drops on film and photosensitive paper - where, within the pushing of photographic rules and received wisdom, could surprising moments of aesthetic pleasure and serendipity occur? Blatant images replace latent images on unprocessed film, stained paper towels exhibit chromogenic dyes that will never form a photograph, “empty” ink cartridges yield pigments that will never pass through a printer...."

5th floor Glickman Family Library

June 29, 2017 - September 30, 2017


Opening Reception: Thursday, June 29, 6pm-8pm

MMPA Gallery, 5th Floor, USM Glickman Family Library

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