USM Libraries

Linking to Library Resources

Link to specific articles in a database or online journal

Create a permanent link to specific articles or online journals by following the instructions. 

Using persistent links allows you to direct students to USM Library materials through email, on websites, in Blackboard course sites etc. However, the correct URL must be used to maintain login authentication for many of the Library’s databases.


Link to the URSUS catalog

Use as the link to the URSUS Catalog


Link directly to records within URSUS

URSUS records include a permanent URL for precise linking to a specific title. Note the image below:

Link to e-books or audio books

Ebooks work the same as URSUS records. Look for the “Permanent URL for this record” at the bottom of the page


Link to reserve materials

Reserve materials can be accessed from the following link If you wish to link to your Reserve material by class or instructor, simply click to the Class or Instructor you would like to link to, and copy the URL at the top of the page.


Link to a course or subject guide

Librarian Course and Subject Guides provide permanent URLs at the top of the guide. They all begin Note the following image:


Link to AskALibrarian

The URL for Ask a librarian is