Special Collections

Documents Related to Slavery from the Shirley S. and Bernard Kazon Americana Collection

Runaway slave broadside from Clay County, Missouri, dated July 14, 1860.

Manuscript slave deed, dated St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, February 15, 1845, from Charles W. Harris to Dempsey K. Gorman.

Manuscript slave deed, dated February 2, 1830, Rockbridge County, Virginia, from Larkin Powers to Thomas Johnston.

Manuscript document regarding hiring out of slaves by Dr. Robert M. Miller [from an estate in Charleston, S.C.].  Dates range from 1857 to 1859.

Manuscript deed of emancipation, dated April 20, 1864, by William D. Gaylor, Holt County, Missouri, freeing Charity and Emana Jane. 

Manuscript slave deed, dated December 1, 1800, from William & Nicholas Mills to Charles Thompson Jr.  Contemporary copy, recorded March 1801. 

Manuscript, partly printed document authorizing the seizure of 2 slaves, 3 horses, 80 head of cattle, and sixty head of hogs, in payment of a debt owed by William Garborough and Hugh Rusk to William A. Austin, Jackson County, Florida, dated January 22, 1858.