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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ Collection is part of the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine. It consists of collections of personal papers and archives of organizations active in the LGBTQ+ communities of Maine. The manuscript collections date from the 1970s to the present. There are also rare or unique print materials about the community (all 1970s or later), including a unique series of 42 newspapers by community groups around the state. The collection focuses on historical sources, excluding creative works of fiction or art, unless such works document the community.

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Gay Monopoly by the Parker Sisters

Gay Monopoly, The Parker Sisters, 1983. From the Northern Lambda Nord Archives.

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The collection contains partial and full runs of numerous LGBTQ+ Periodicals.

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ACTUP/Maine Archives    LG MS 12    View Finding Aid
ACTUP/ Maine, founded in 1990, was a chapter of the national organization, ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) that focused on AIDS issues. The goals of the organization were the empowerment of people with AIDS and the establishment of an AIDS Resource Center. The organization emphasized direct action in communities and an open democratic process within the group. The Archives holds organizational papers, books, photos, promotional materials, correspondence, and publications, plus a significant number of publications/papers from ACT-UP chapters in the US and abroad. The bulk of the material spans the years 1990-1994, and there is a good deal of undated material.    1976-1994   3.75 ft.

ACTUP/Portland Archives    LG MS 9    View Finding Aid
ACT UP/ Portland, established in the 1990s, was a chapter of the national organization, ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) that focused on AIDS issues. ACT UP/ Portland sponsored several local youth organizations, had a cooperative partnership with Public Health agencies, leafleted extensively, and held media campaigns. The organization emphasized direct action in communities and an open democratic process within the group. The Archives consist of administrative files, programs/activities, and resource materials from the group and its affiliates. Dates range from 1984 to 1996, with the bulk of materials either undated or 1991-1996.    1984-1996    3.25 ft.

AIDS Lodging House Archives    LG MS 43    View Finding Aid
The AIDS Lodging House (ALH) provided subsidized housing and support to people living with HIV/AIDS from 1987 until 2007 when the Peabody Center assumed control of the organization. Established in 1987, the AIDS Lodging House was based out of a four-unit apartment building in Portland’s West End neighborhood and was at the time Maine’s oldest independent living program for people with HIV/AIDS. The Archives contain materials relating to the proposal and founding of the AIDS Lodging House, outreach and publicity, media coverage and photographs.  1986-2005       2.5 ft

Am Chofshi Archives    LG MS 42    View Finding Aid
AM CHOFSHI was a social group for LGBT Jews and their families and friends in Maine. The Archives contains organizational records of the group.    1988-2002   4 ft.

Tom Antonik Papers  LG MS 93
The Papers consist primarily of his photographs, mounted and unmounted, with t-shirts and other textiles, personal papers, newspapers, publications, and some artifacts. You can listen to an interview with Tom Antonik as part of the Querying the Past Collection by clicking HERE.  21.5 ft.

Apron from Marriage Equality Campaign Charity Fundraiser   LG MS 113
Former Governor John Baldacci wore this apron at fundraiser and campaign events sponsored by Catholics for Marriage Equality and the Religious Coalition against Discrimination in October of 2012.  The funds raised were donated to homeless charities in Bangor and Portland, although the events were aimed at raising support for the marriage equality referendum on the November 2012 ballot.  The Apron has a nametag adhered to it with "John" written on it in marker, and an RCAD lapel pin attached.    2012   .25

Artistic Amazon Bookstore Collection   LG MS 141
Cherie Monnell and Dottie Logue ran the Artistic Amazon Bookstore in Cape Neddick, the only feminist bookstore in Maine. The store carried a wide selection of lesbian fiction, jewelry, bumper-stickers, goddess statutes, and gifts. The Collections contains t-shirts, posters, cards, stickers, painted slates, bumper stickers, buttons, magnets, and other items from the shop.    6.5 ft.   

William D. Barry and Frances W. Peabody Papers    LG MS 2    View Finding Aid
William Barry is a well-known, published local historian.  Frannie Peabody was an early Maine AIDS activist, who established the Peabody House, a center dedicated to assisting individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  The Papers contain research materials gathered for the writing of the book, "The AIDS Project : a history."  They include correspondence, clippings, photographs, publications, research notes, drafts, and documents from Maine’s largest AIDS service organization.    1974-1997    4.5 ft.

Barbara Beckelman and Susan Koen Collection   LG MS 94
The t-shirts in this collection were collected by Barbara Beckelman and Susan Koen during their years of activism working for causes including anti-war, take back the night, and LGBT activism as well as their involvement in women's music and college groups.    1980s, undated    2 ft.

David P. Becker Papers   LG MS 64
David P. Becker is a philanthropist who primarily worked with the LGBT community in the Northeast.  The  Papers document Becker's philanthropic work.    11 ft.


Sherry Beck-Poland Papers   LG MS 144 
You can listen to an interview with Sherry Beck-Poland by clicking HERE.


Fred Berger Papers   LG MS 125
The Papers include copies of Our Paper and other newsletters and clippings. There are two cartoon strips hand-drawn by Pettigrew with text by Fred Berger which appeared in Our Paper. There is a program for a production of Gay Side Story and an advertisement for Our Books, an LGBTQ bookstore in Portland in a program for Bent. There are some photographs and material related to Berger's city council campaign. You can listen to an interview with Fred Berger by clicking HERE.   3.5 ft. 

Allen Bernstein Collection    LG MS 30    View Finding Aid
Allen Bernstein was born on June 19, 1913, in Nashua, New Hampshire. He holds an MA in Economics from the University of Chicago. Bernstein enlisted in the Army in 1940 and fought in WWII, doing clerical work in the U.S., until 1944 when he was dishonorably discharged for being openly gay. After the war, he married a woman– who knew he was gay – and had two sons. He then moved to Maine to work for the Maine State Labor Department as a Labor market analyst. After retirement in 1978, he became involved in providing volunteer services to the community. He appealed his dishonorable discharge 14 times from the late1940’s to 1980, and in 1981 was finally successful in gaining his honorable discharge. He was active in his community in his later years – volunteering mainly for the Red Cross.  The Collection is based on more recent articles on gay rights and gender equality. Dates range from 1984-2004, with the majority of material in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Publications include AVER (American Veterans for Equal Rights) newsletters, Gender Studies newsletters, The Loving Brotherhood newsletters and brochures, Outword newsletter and Edward Carpenter Community newsletters.    1984-2004    0.25 ft.

Blackstones Bar Archives   LG MS 127

Roland Blais Papers    LG MS 23    View Finding Aid
Roland Blais was born in Rumford, Maine in 1939, and knew by the time he was in high school that he was "different". He saved money and moved to Los Angeles in 1958, where he got a job with Broadway Department Store and went to gay bars for the first time. He joined the Navy and served from 1959 to 1963, leaving with an honorable discharge. He then enlisted in the Army, serving 1963-1966, stationed at Walsrode, Germany, working with missiles. He returned to the United States, retrieving the car he bought in Germany from Newark Port, New Jersey, and drove to Hartford, Connecticut, planning to stay overnight with family before heading back home to Maine. While in Hartford he learned that Pratt & Whitney was hiring, so he stayed when he got a job there. He and his partner, Walter Deschamps, bought a home in Bolton, Conn. About 1974, they moved to Lewiston, Maine, to be near Roland's aging parents. When the Sportsman’s Athletic Club (83 Lincoln St.) had financial difficulties, Roland and his partner took it over, turning it into a gay club. They moved it to 2-4 Bates St. in 1976; Blais sold the club in 2006, and it closed for good in October 2009. It had been the longest-open gay bar north of Boston. The Papers contain primarily clippings and photocopies of newspaper articles, mostly dealing with the effort to pass and retain an anti-gay- discrimination ordinance in Lewiston. Also present are transcripts of testimony to the City Council regarding the ordinance and materials from the group Equal Protection Lewiston.  1987-2009     0.5 ft.

Larry Bliss Collection LG MS 22 View Finding Aid
Lawrence (Larry) Bliss was born and raised in California, lived in Maine for twenty years, and returned to California in 2011. He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in History and Political Science and a Master's Degree in Urban Public Administration all from the University of California.  He has worked as a middle school and high school teacher and coach and as Director of Career Services and Professional Life Development at the University of Southern Maine.  He was elected to the Maine Senate in 2008, representing the 7th district, which includes his hometown of South Portland, as well as Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough, having previously spent eight years representing South Portland’s 24th district in the Maine House of Representatives.  Bliss has been a member of the Board of Directors of The AIDS Project, the Equity Institute of Maine, the South Portland Citizens for Justice, and the Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance, where he served as Treasurer from 1992-94.  He was an advisor to the Equity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation and is a longtime member of the Surfrider Foundation, the Friends of Casco Bay, and the Portland Harbor Museum.  Bliss and his partner, Nolan McCoy, have three children.  The Collection includes materials related to Bliss’s work in support of the LGBT community in Maine.  In particular, there are materials related to events and organizations with which he was involved, including the Maine Lesbian and Gay Men’s Symposium (materials for the years 1976-77, 1979-81, 1983-88, and 1991); Equal Protection Portland; South Portland Citizens for Justice; the Matlovich Society; Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance; Citizens for a United Portland; and the Spring for Life Art Auction.  Materials include press clippings, correspondence, financial records, internal memos and meeting minutes, brochures, posters, event programs, stickers, buttons, a mug, and other papers.  Some material related to efforts to secure same-sex partner benefits for University of Maine employees and L.D. 246 (1993 An Act to Prevent Discrimination) is also present.    1976-2011     4 ft.

Ted Bohn Papers   LG MS 69

Ted Bohn was active in the Portland LGBT community in the 1970s.  The Papers contain Maine Gay Task Force newsletters and issues of Mainely Gay from 1976-1980, some marked "Office Copy" and with interior markups; one brochure from 1979 National March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights; one t-shirt with lambda superimposed on an outline of the state of Maine.    1976-1980, undated    0.5 ft.

Steven G. Bull Papers   LG MS 79 
Steve Bull was a co-founder of the gay student group Wilde-Stein Club at UMaine-Orono in the early 1970s, and Chair of the controversial first Maine Gay Symposium held on campus in April 1974. The Papers contain records of the Wilde-Stein Club of UMO, including transparencies of photographs, contact sheets, photos, correspondence, a ledger sheet, and materials from the first 2 Maine Gay Symposia.  Also, the contents of a binder that Steve put together for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Wilde-Stein in Oct 2013, with copies of historical documents and pages of Gay Community News, and the Club's Certificate of Appreciation presented to him at the event.  Other materials are subject files, newspaper clippings & whole issues, a DVD containing 3 pieces which aired on CBS in 1977, including one featuring Steve and his parents, and a CD of a radio program about the APA decision on homosexuality in 1973/74. You can listen to an interview with Steven Bull by clicking HERE. You can listen to episodes of his radio show HERE.   1970s, 2013    0.5 ft

Elliot Burton Story   LG MS 128
Short story about marriage equality. n.d. 1 folder.

Karen Bye Papers   LG MS 107
Local newspaper clippings concerning LGBTQ+ issues. 1974-1978   0.5 ft

Casco Gay Men Archives    LG MS 80
Ed Hurley, the donor of the Archives, was one of the original members of a group called “Get a Life” that began meeting in 1998 in the State Theater Building in Portland, Maine to discuss gay men’s issues. Around 6 members of “Get a Life” decided to keep meeting and opened to others. They started a monthly dessert potluck held in people’s homes, which were “a safe place for men to meet other than the bars or cruising areas”.  The meetings became a monthly potluck dinner held on the first Monday of the month with up to 50 guests at Williston-West Church in the West End of Portland. Events took place on other Mondays, including speakers on art, music, and dating. When the church closed, the group continued meeting at Coffee by Design and became Casco Gay Men. The collection contains meeting minutes, mission statement, calendars of events, flyers, email correspondence and other materials related to the group.    1998-2001    0.5 ft.

Ryan Conrad Collection    LG MS 35    View Finding Aid
Ryan Conrad is a radical queer activist.  He is a co-founder of Naughty North, an inter-generational radical queer/trans direct action collective in Maine.  He participates as a volunteer, board member, and/or advisor for several community organizing groups, including EquityFund (board member 2008-present), Outright Lewiston/Auburn (Special Projects Coordinator and volunteer advisor, 2006-present), Maine HIV Prevention Community Planning Group (2009-present), and Maine Video Activist Network (co-founder and volunteer, 2006-present), among others.  Conrad curated the June 2009 exhibition "Future of the Past: Reviving the Queer Archives" at Maine College of Art.  The Collection contains materials related to radical queers in Maine and elsewhere and the case of the "New Jersey 4."   It includes newsletters, posters, signs, a halter top, pins, a 'zine about radical queer moments, literary publications, and videos.  Of particular interest are materials from and about the exhibition of Annette Dragon’s photographs which Conrad curated at MECA in 2009.    2007-2009, undated    2.25 ft.

Cruikshank Feminist-Lesbian Publications Collection    LG MS 6    View Finding Aid
Margaret Cruikshank was an early scholar in the field of Lesbian studies and taught a women’s studies course at the University of Southern Maine.  She also teaches lesbian studies at the University of Maine in Orono.  The Collection contains almost a full run of The Furies, an important 1970s publication in the field, as well as other scattered issues of feminist-lesbian publications from the 1970s.    1970s    0.5 ft.

Margaret Cruikshank Papers    LG MS 29    View Finding Aid
Margaret Cruikshank (b. 1940) has not only led a distinguished career in academia but is also the author of numerous works. Cruikshank’s earliest writings include reviews, essays, and articles that have appeared in a variety of periodicals. Other publications include The Lesbian Path (1980), The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement (1992), and Learning to Be Old: Gender, Culture, and Aging (2003). After earning her Ph.D., Cruikshank began teaching English at colleges and universities throughout the Midwest.  In 1975, Cruikshank moved to Minnesota where she continued to teach university-level English and also helped establish Mankato State University’s first women’s studies department, serving as the director of the department from 1975 to 1977. From 1977 to 1997, Cruikshank taught courses in English as a second language and gay and lesbian studies at the City College of San Francisco. In 1997, Cruikshank moved to Maine and took a position as lecturer in the women’s studies department at the University of Maine (Orono). Cruikshank continues to work for the university as both a lecturer and as a faculty associate at the Center on Aging.  In 2001, Cruikshank taught an Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies course at the University of Maine (Orono) which may be the first LGBT course taught in the state.  Spanning the years 1974 through 2007, the Papers contain material related to Cruikshank’s course preparation and delivery. The Papers also contain published and unpublished stories, articles and reviews written by Cruikshank. There are materials related to her personal and professional activities, such as events she attended, photographs from a wedding in San Francisco, along with a collection of clippings and publications not written by Cruikshank.    1974-2004    0.75 ft

Susan Cummings-Lawrence Collection   LG MS 96
Susan Cummings-Lawrence is a community activist and a founder of The AIDS Project.  The Collection consists of a wedding photo album and invitation to the wedding of Peaches Rona R.J. Bass-Blessington and Perry S. Sutherland.    undated    0.25 ft.

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George Daniell Artwork   LG MS 25    View Finding Aid
George Daniell, photographer, and artist, lived the second half of his life in a coastal community near Bar Harbor, Maine.  Originally from Yonkers, he worked as a freelance photographer in New York and Europe for most of his early career.  In the 1930s, he made his first visits to Monhegan Island and Grand Manan Island, capturing images in photographs and paintings.  For many years he owned a house on Fire Island and spent winters in Key West, and these locations also feature prominently in his work.  He is best known for his photographic portraits of well-known artists and literary figures, yet he created an equally, if not more, compelling body of work that highlights images of fishermen and dock workers, swimmers, and scenes of island life.  His work is highly regarded by the art community, and in recent years he has received more attention as an influential gay artist, beautifully capturing the strength and sensuality of the male figure.  The Artwork consists of a framed watercolor, an unframed copy of a self-portrait photograph, and a framed photograph.   [1936], [1950],1993. You can listen to an interview with Mr. Daniell which was conducted as part of the USM Lesbian and Gay Oral History Project HERE.    3.25 ft.

Robert Diamante Papers  LG MS 51
Photographs taken by Robert Diamante between 1992-1997 primarily featuring members of the Portland Gay Men’s Choir and drag performers, both staged and candid. The collection also features photos of author John Preston as well as print media related to safe sex.  You can listen to an interview with Mr. Diamante HERE.

Down East Pride Alliance Archives    LG MS 81 
DEPA, a GLBT business networking group meeting monthly in Southern Maine for cocktails & conversation, was started to encourage each other to do business within our community. A large majority of small business owners that attend are working 10-12 hours a day and cannot even afford health insurance. Many in the LGBT community do not have the same access to the traditional social outlets for a business like the golf club, the regular chamber of commerce or fishing buddies. The Archives includes papers, clippings, email communications, and 8 CDs of photographs.    2004-2010    0.5 ft.

Annette Dragon Papers   LG MS 65    View Photographs from Papers
Annette Dragon moved to Portland in 1990, began work in a camera store, and started shooting photographs for the local gay paper – Our Paper – in 1991.  She also became a key activist in ACT/UP Portland and co-founded the queer monthly APEX, which had much more radical content than the other local choices.  An exhibition entitled Future of the Past: Reviving the Queer Archives, on view at the Maine College of Art from June 5 to July 3, 2009, recreated her exhibition at the University of Southern Maine, March 2 to 31, 2000, called “Act Up/Fight Back/Take Pictures: Ten Years of Queer Activism in Maine.”  The Papers contain photographic prints, including all of the mounted prints used in the March 2000 show “Act Up Fight Back Take Pictures,” as well as duplicates of those photographs and others not in the show; promotional materials for the show; files related to the publication of the newspaper APEX and the 1995 anti-gay referendum, general files and correspondence; local and national LGBT publications; and VHS cassettes holding local/state/national news and other programs.    1990s    8.75 ft.


Brian Dustin Clippings   LG MS 142
One issue of Lewiston-Auburn Sun Chronicle and 2 issues of Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courrier with stories about Brian and his husband Tom Muise re: same-sex marriage. 2010-2016   0.25 ft

Eastern Maine AIDS Network Archives   LG MS 68
The Eastern Maine AIDS Network (EMAN) is a not-for-profit, community-based organization dedicated to providing comprehensive HIV services.  It was founded in 1987 as a grassroots response to the needs of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS throughout eastern and northern Maine.  The organization works to improve the lives of those impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing support services, actively promoting education, prevention, and confidential HIV testing and advocating to attain fair and effective programs and policies.  Between 1992 and 2003, EMAN produced three videos about people in Maine living with HIV/AIDS, one of which achieved global recognition through being featured at the 1992 International AIDS Conference.  In July 2010, EMAN merged with Penobscot Community Health Care.  From its origin in 1987 as primarily an information service, EMAN has evolved into an agency that offers a variety of services and support for clients who are living with HIV/AIDS.  Client services include case management, emergency funding, food pantry, social services, support groups, and additional activities.  For the general public, the agency offers extensive informational and prevention education as well as HIV antibody testing.  Videos, mostly VHS cassettes but a few other formats.  There are multiple copies of 2 videos produced by EMAN, tapes of interviews used in the making of the videos, tapes of PSAs and Maine news programs, and videos produced by other entities.   1990s    3 ft.

Diane Elze Papers    LG MS 27    View Finding Aid
A 1978 graduate of the University of Maine, Bangor, Diane Elze began her volunteer career working for the YWCA Fair Harbor Shelter in Portland, Maine. She was an activist in the LGBT community in the Portland area in the 1980s and 1990s. Among other activities, she was a founding member of the Maine Lesbian Gay Political Alliance, worked on the AIDS Project, and founded the LGBT youth group, Outright.  She also edited the newsletter Moving, The Newspaper of the Maine Association of Handicapped Persons and founded the statewide gay and lesbian newspaper, Our Paper. Elze earned a Master’s Degree from the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western University, followed by a Ph.D. from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University.  During her graduate career, Elze’s primary focus of study remained LGBT youth, specifically their mental health and behavioral functioning.  Since completing her Ph.D. in 1999, Dr. Elze has held positions as a professor with both Washington University and the University at Buffalo, continuing her research into assisting LGBT youth communities across the Northeast. She remains a prolific writer of articles, editorials, and research on LGBT issues including educational resources for teachers and students on how to approach comfortable assimilation of LGBT-friendly initiatives in the school district.  The Papers contain publications & newsletters, materials from events such as the Maine Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, newspaper clippings and materials from various Maine LGBT organizations: National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Act Now, Act Up, Hysterical Angry Girls Sorority and MLGPA, files on gay topics and organizations in Maine, and personal documents of Dr. Elze, such as correspondence, research, awards, and notes.  You can listen to an interview with Ms. Elze HERE.  1971- 2008    17.5 ft.


Ephemera From Maine LGBT Legislation   LG MS 121
Includes buttons, bumper stickers, and other ephemera from various campaigns.   c. 1990-2000

Equal Protection Portland Archives    LG MS 20    View Finding Aid
Equal Protection/Portland (EP/P) was a volunteer organization formed in Portland, Maine in 1992 that campaigned to uphold a Human Rights Ordinance passed by Portland’s City Council. Ultimately the ordinance was upheld in a referendum vote on November 3, 1992. That year was contentious for LGBT issues around the country and gay rights figured prominently in a presidential election for the first time in the race between Bill Clinton and George Bush. The Archives contains EP/P administrative files and campaign materials, such as flyers, brochures, press releases, survey results, audio recordings, and a bus banner. Articles reflecting national attention to the campaign from publications such as the New York Times and Newsweek magazine are included along with other pertinent articles from 1992. Information about other ordinance and amendment campaigns in the states of Florida, Colorado, and Oregon in 1992, which helped inform EP/P’s campaign, are also included.    1989-1992    7 ft.

EqualityMaine Archives    LG MS 13    View Finding Aid
The Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance (MLGPA) was formed in 1984 to advocate for LGBT issues and to educate the public, media, and politicians about them. Now known as EqualityMaine, over the last twenty-five years, the organization has worked to secure civil rights legislation, pass hate crimes protection laws, promote workplace equality and ensure responsible HIV/AIDS policies.  The Archives contains organizational records of MLGPA and EqualityMaine and other materials.    1984-2009    14.5 ft.    View Newsletters HERE.

Family Affairs Newsletter Archives   LG MS 49    View Family Affairs Newsletter on Digital Commons
Jean Vermette, editor.  Family Affairs is a free, twice-a-month, social activities email newsletter for the GLBTI community.  It covers a 50-mile radius around Bangor and also Aroostook and Washington counties.  The Archives contains printouts of the newsletters, beginning in 2004 Oct, plus poll results from 2005, 2007 and 2008, and the FAN Business Directory from 2004 Sep to 2014 June.  We will continue to archive issues as the editor submits them.    2004-2014     0.5 ft.

Susan Farnsworth Papers LG MS 17    View Finding Aid
Susan Farnsworth earned her undergraduate degree from Bates College in 1969 and her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maine School of Law in 1976.  She has worked in several city and state government positions, including Maine State Representative from 1988-1994.  Farnsworth has also been active in the LGBT community, serving as a member of the Executive Committee and an organizer of “Yes on 6” PAC in the Statewide Referendum Campaign in 2000.  The Papers consist of working papers, publications, and other materials.    1970s-1990s    2.25 ft.

Stan Fortuna, Susan Henderson, and Peter Prizer Collection   LG MS 111
Some records of the Maine Gay Task Force, including correspondence, finances, and layouts for the newsletter between 1976 and 1980.  The majority of the material is gay publications from other states.  You can listen to an interview with Mr. Fortuna HERE, an interview with Ms. Henderson HERE, an interview with Mr. Prizer HERE,  and an interview with both Mr. Fortuna and Mr. Prizer HERE     8 ft.

Dawn Fortune Papers    LG MS 33    View Finding Aid
Dawn Fortune revitalized the Gay-Straight People's Alliance and ran the student newspaper at the University of Maine at Farmington in the early 1990s.  The Papers contains photographs and contact sheets, 2 folders of Pride materials, 4 VHS videos of programs/events by GASPP, a Central Maine Needs Assessment of LGBT teens compiled in 1996 by Fortune for the group Equal Rights For All (ERFA), and an essay Fortune wrote in 1988 entitled 'AIDS kills.'    1988-2002    1 ft.

David Garrity Papers   LG MS 92
David Garrity is a Portland-based property owner/landlord and a longtime gay-rights advocate.  He served as a Board Member of the Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance from 1997-98 and was their Vice President from 1998-99 and President from 1999-2001.  Garrity has long been closely involved with the Democratic Party, serving in such roles as a delegate from Maine to the Democratic National Convention, member of the Democratic National Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Maine Democratic Party.  He was an elector for the 2004 electoral college.  He also ran for Portland City Council in 1997, losing a closely-contested race to Karen Geraghty.  The Papers contain Garrity’s files as well as gay and lesbian local publications and clippings from the 1990s.    1990s    20 ft.

GAYLA Archives    LG MS 34    View Finding Aid
GAYLA is a brotherhood of gay and bisexual men, “expressly designed to provide mutual support, nurturance, friendship, loving, and mentoring of one another,” to maximize personal and collective growth.   It meets annually for a week in the summer at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine.  The brothers sustain their spirit through the year by organizing periodic winter reunions, area social events and pot-lucks; publishing a newsletter, and establishing a virtual network through email and a GAYLA brothers only Yahoo group.  The Archives contains documents and artifacts from the annual conferences, including photographs, audio cassettes, video cassettes, schedules, planning and evaluation papers.    1980-2005    2 ft.


Gay Men Together Archives   LG MS 103
2005-2015. 3 linear feet.


Gay Side Story Collection  LG MS 56
This collection contains a scrapbook and photographs from the original cast performance, as well as a DVD recording. Also included are color and black and white reproductions of the scrapbook. You can see items from this collection and view the original performance HERE

GLSEN Archives   LG MS 89
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) is a national education organization working to make schools safer for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. GLSEN Southern Maine is one of two GLSEN chapters in Maine (the other is Downeast GLSEN, in Ellsworth). GLSEN Southern Maine was founded in 1996.   Its members consult with school administrators and provide resources and support for the Gay-Straight Alliances in high schools in southern and midcoast Maine.  Banner of the Southern Maine chapter of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.  1995/1996    1 ft.


Ellie Goldberg Videos   LG MS 147
Visual recordings documenting Maine Legislative hearings and related media coverage regarding LGBTQ+ bills.   ca. 1991-93   1 ft. 

Bob Gordon Collection   LG MS 90 
This Collection comprises papers, serials, a coffee mug, and a certificate from Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance(MLGPA), which later became EqualityMaine.  3 ft. 

Rev. Charlie Grindle Papers   LG MS 78
Charlie Grindle grew up in Ellsworth, Maine, moving to Portland to study music at the University of Southern Maine.  He performed with the Lyric Music Theater in South Portland as well as serving as music director.  Twice he served as music director at Portland's First Parish UU Church, leaving for a few years between times to pursue an MFA in Musical Theater.  He left again in 2006 to attend seminary in New York City, returning to First Parish in 2008 as minister of music.  He currently serves as Music Director at First Parish UU in Kennebunk.  The Collection contains eight t-shirts from Southern Maine Pride celebrations, a 2006 issue of The Companion, a gay newspaper published in Portland, a 1998 issue of the Gay Agenda, serving Falmouth & So. Portland, name badges from the 2000 & 2001 Pride celebrations, and seven pins from various events and organizations. You can hear and interview with Rev. Grindle HERE.     1987-2006, undated    0.5 ft.

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Harbor Masters of Maine Archives    LG MS 40    View Finding Aid
Harbor Masters of Maine, Inc. is a leather/Levi social club that encourages open-mindedness, diversity, and the right to an alternative lifestyle without discrimination, judgment, or persecution.  Incorporated in the State of Maine in 1984, the Harbor Masters of Portland, Maine, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization, which was organized to provide a sense of fellowship and to promote mutual respect and tolerance for gay men and women who share an active interest in the leather/Levi lifestyle. While the majority of our members are from southern and central Maine, we also have members from other parts of the state and the Eastern United States and Canada.  The Archives consists of organizational records, promotional materials, publications, and subject files.    1985-2010, undated    0.5 ft.

Sturgis Haskins Papers    LG MS 7    View Finding Aid
Sturgis Haskins is a long-time activist in Gay and Lesbian communities and was one of the organizers of the annual Maine Gay Symposium started in 1974 at the University of Maine, Orono.  Haskins was a co-founder in 1973 of the Wilde-Stein Club, the first openly Gay student organization at the University of Maine in Orono. The Papers contain material documenting Haskins’ personal life, pamphlets, correspondence, memorabilia, and information on organizations in which Haskins was interested, and clippings covering topics relating to the Gay and Lesbian communities and homosexuality.  You can hear an interview with Mr. Haskins HERE.    1963-2011    24 ft.

Sarah Holmes Collection  LG MS 66  
Sarah Holmes is from Maine and attended the University of Southern Maine for her undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Involved in the LGBTQA Community, both on and off-campus, since the early 1990's, Sarah served as USM's first LGBTQA Resources Coordinator from 2000-2002.  She returned to the position as Coordinator of the Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity in 2006.  Sarah was one of the founders (along with Jill Barkley and Melissa Heckman) of the Portland, Maine Dyke March, in 2005.  She was an adult advisor with the Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine (supporting LGBTQA youth, age 22 and under) until it disbanded in 2013, and is a board member of GLSEN Southern Maine.  The Collection contains posters, brochures, publications & reports, t-shirts and an event pass from a Portland LGBT event in 2008.     1995-2009, undated     2.5 ft.

John Holverson Papers    LG MS 48 
Former director of the Portland Museum of Art, Holverson was a health care activist and AIDS volunteer in Portland from the 1970s onward, and Head of Prevention Education at The AIDS Project from 1994- 1999.  The Papers contain his working papers and materials from various LGBT & AIDS-related organizations, including the Community Planning Group, Maine Speakout, Maine Gay Men's Chorus, Harbor Masters, and the AIDS Project.    1987-2002   10 ft.

Charles O. Howard Memorial Foundation Archives   LG MS 129
These materials were donated by a member of the Charlie O. Howard Memorial Foundation Committee.  The Archives contains paper records and photographs of the group who raised money to erect a memorial in Bangor on the spot Charlie Howard was killed in 1984, twenty years later. There is also a DVD, Charlie Howard: A Memorial, of the event installing the memorial, including a march. The Archives also includes memorial objects (tile and coffee mugs) with the group's logo and other audiovisual material. There are records of a workshop..    c. 2004-2005   2.5 ft.


John Howard Papers   LG MS 133
Photographs. 1987, 2008. 0.25 linear feet.

Sage Hylton-Lemons Papers   LG MS 52

Sage Hylton grew up in Portland, Maine.  As a gay teenager, he found sanctuary in the youth-driven group OUTRIGHT, where his involvement progressed from attending weekly meetings to being a member of the Board, then President of the Board.  He spoke at schools and events, became a peer-advisor, and helped other communities organize their OUTRIGHTs.  He was instrumental in conceiving and organizing OUTRIGHT's first prom, in 1998, which became an annual event.  He was profoundly influenced by Dr. Christian Chenard, a nurse practitioner in the City of Portland Public Health Positive Healthcare program.  The Papers consist of an invitation to the 1998 Prom, photographs, primarily from the 1998 Prom, a transcript of Hylton's testimony at a Portland City Council hearing regarding continued funding for OUTRIGHT, a scrapbook, a transcript of his remarks at the 2007 memorial service for Dr. Chenard along with the service's program and a flyer announcing the Chris Chenard Walk With The Ones You Love, and two newspaper sections.    1996-1998, 2007, undated    0.25 ft.


Interview with the Grandmas: 34 Year Herstory   LG MS 117  View the Collection Here
Interview with Rita W. Clifford and Sara Eliot. Interview conducted by Adriana Troxell Elliot. Filmed by Elias Gilbert Elliot on July 3, 2015 in South Portland, Maine.

David Swander Jacobs Papers   LG MS 101

Jessen GLBT/Women’s Newsletter & Media Collection    LG MS 14    View Finding Aid
Barbara Jessen formed the Maine Tradeswomen's Network, a loose organization of women in the trades and supporting personnel, in 1990, to promote networking, mentoring, and employment.  The Collection consists of six newsletter titles, plus newspaper clippings, fact sheets, and articles - all covering LGBT and women’s issues in Maine and nationally.    1970s-2000    0.5 ft.

Theodora Kalikow Papers   LG MS 95 
Theodora Kalikow retired in July 2012 after 18 years as President of the University of Maine, Farmington, and immediately moved into the presidency of USM at the request of system Chancellor Page, a position which she held until July 2014.  Kalikow is noted for and has been honored for, leadership and inspiration in higher education, women's issues/lives, diversity and civil rights, civic engagement, and the environment and green building.  She is an inductee of the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame.  Kalikow earned her doctorate in philosophy from Boston University in 1974, her master’s in philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970 and her bachelor’s in chemistry from Wellesley College in 1962. She also received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of New England in 2012.  The Papers consist primarily of working papers from the Maine Governor's Children's Cabinet LGBTQ Youth Commission, which Kailkow co-chaired, and the group LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education, of which she is a member.    2005-2012     0.25 ft.


Susan L. Koen Doctoral Research Papers   LG MS 98
Papers created throughout Koen's research and dissertation writing. You can hear an interview with Ms. Koen HERE.  1980-1985   10 ft.

Rita Kissen Papers   LG MS 58 
Rita Kissen was a member of the USM education faculty from 1990 to 2005, centering her scholarship on gay and lesbian teachers and diversity in the classroom.  Among her numerous civic activities, she was a leader of the Portland-based branch of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and of Southern Maine GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educators Network).  The Papers contain materials from the groups PFLAG, Equal Protection Portland and Equal Protection Lewiston, MLGPA, and the Maine Gay Men's Chorus.  There are a large number of newspaper clippings dealing with a wide range of LGBT issues, including a small number concerning the Charlie Howard murder.  Also included are photographs of activities in support of the Portland anti-discrimination ordinance, EPP pins, and a baseball cap from the Charles O. Howard Memorial Foundation.  Eleven t-shirts represent EPP and EPL, GLSEN, PFLAG and MGMC, the Maine AIDS Walks of 1993 & 94 and the 1993 March on Washington.    1984-2001    1 ft.

Robin Lambert Papers    LG MS 28    View Finding Aid
Robin Lambert was politically active in Maine for more than 40 years, was for many years the most prominent Republican to publicly support LGBT civil rights, and persuaded many in his party to join him in that struggle.  He was one of the founders of the Maine Lesbian Gay Political Alliance (MLGPA)(now EqualityMaine) in 1984 and was twice recognized by MLGPA for his outstanding work for civil rights.  As an early advocate of addressing the issues surrounding HIV and its impact on the state, Lambert was a founding member of both The Maine Health Foundation and The AIDS Project in Portland and was appointed to Governor McKernan's AIDS Advisory Committee in 1987, serving for many years. He lived with AIDS for many years and died in 2006 at the age of 56.  The Papers include records of the Maine Health Foundation, posters from many events, material on his unsuccessful run for State Senate, a great deal of material on AIDS policy and prevention in Maine, and on the national AIDS Quilt.    1980s-1990s    5.25 ft.

Robert Lebel Papers   LG MS 50 
Publications and artifacts related to Maine's LGBT community, particularly the struggle to retain an anti-discrimination law passed by the Lewiston City Council.      6 ft.

Lewiston Auburn Gay Youth Collection    LG MS 44    View Finding Aid
Outright Lewiston/Auburn creates safe and affirming environments for youth age 22 and under who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and/or questioning.  The current Outright Lewiston/Auburn originated in a group of young people and adults who came together in 1996 to form an organization where LGBTQ and allied young people could find support and community, a mission that has expanded with the recognition that the terms those letters indicate are too narrow: Outright is for people of all genders and sexualities. The Edward Little High School Gay-Straight Alliance serves Auburn students grades 9 through 12 from the Edward Little High School community.  Some of the material was created by Outright Lewiston/Auburn and some by the Edward Little High School Gay-Straight Alliance.  The Collection contains print material, including an Outright Lewiston/Auburn brochure, the 'zine leftOUT, a Safe Zone sticker, pages from the publication Lattitude 44, and a poster for a GLBTQA Dance Party; a CD containing photographs taken by several students on a field trip, and color print-outs of the photographs.    2008-2009, undated    3 ft.

LGBT Rights Legislation Collection   LG MS 24    View Finding Aid
The Collection contains materials related to LGBT rights legislation from 1978 to 1995, gathered by Prof. Erica Rand of Bates College. The bulk of the Collection is copies of press articles, with a press kit and campaign materials from Equal Protection Lewiston. The legislation covered includes Proposition 6, also known as The Briggs Initiative, in California in 1978; the 1992 Human Rights Ordinance in Portland, Maine; the Lewiston Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in 1993; and the statewide referendum, Question 1, in 1995.  Some articles on LGBT issues other than rights legislation are included.     1978-1995     0.5 ft.


Charlotte  Lehman Papers  LG MS 53

Mitzi Lichtman Papers   LG MS 100 
Mitzi Lichtman is a long-time LGBT activist and coalition-builder working in the Midcoast region and statewide.  The Papers contain photocopies of newspaper articles and records of Maine Won't Discriminate, Common Circle for Human Rights, Maine Coalition for Equal Rights, Yes on 6, Camp Chrysalis and other civil rights groups and campaigns, particularly from the midcoast region of Maine, dating from the 1990s.    1990s    4.5 ft.

Lanier Lumbert T-Shirts    LG MS 99 
T-shirts promoting local legislative campaigns in Portland and Lewiston.    ca. 2001    0.25 ft.


Marjorie Love Papers   LG MS 73
2 posters, National Condom Week, "Keep a Rubber on Hand"; Gay Men's Health Crisis" Thank Goodness for Latex.  1978-1998 

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Maine AIDS Alliance Archives    LG MS 59 
In existence from 1988 until March of 2011, the mission of the Maine AIDS Alliance was to advocate for, support, educate, and inform its members and people affected by and/or at risk of HIV/AIDS.  The Alliance distributed funds from state government and grants to its member organizations, and organized events such as the annual AIDS Walk.  The Archives consists of 5 VHS videos: a documentary, 2 workshops, a public service announcement, and Maine’s Response to World AIDS Day.    1991-1994, undated    0.5 ft.

Maine Civil Rights March & Rally Committee Archives    LG MS 21    View Finding Aid
The Maine Civil Rights March & Rally Committee was formed in response to the February 1998 repeal of the civil rights law which had been enacted in May 1997.  They organized a march, rally, and fundraising entertainment event on Oct. 18, 1998.  They followed these events with a vigil in memory of Mathew Shepard, with services held in several parts of the state on Oct. 18, 1998.  The Committee also sponsored an "Interfaith Vigil Against Hate Violence" in Bangor on Oct. 7, 1999.  The Archives contains some records of the Committee, blank cards representative of an effort to have people write messages in support of their mission, stickers and pins, promotional materials for the march and rally, video recordings of the event, programs from the 1999 vigil, and 2 large banners.   3 ft.

Maine Democratic Party Poster   LG MS 112
Maine Democratic Party Poster signed by Barney Frank, U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts from 1981 to 2013.  

Maine Frontrunners Archives   LG MS 39    View Finding Aid
Maine Frontrunners was founded April Fool’s Day, 1995, inspired by the enthusiastic leadership of the legendary runner John Bean.  The group has run Saturday mornings since then, through all kinds of weather.  The Maine group is part of International Front Runners, an affiliation of GLBT running/walking clubs that have organized in many of the larger cities around the world.  Inspired by Patricia Nell Warren's novel The Front Runner, the first Front Runner club began in San Francisco in 1974, and other FR clubs quickly began forming in the United States and then in Canada and abroad.     1.5 ft.

Maine Gay Men's Chorus Archives   LG MS 126
The Maine Gay Men’s Chorus is dedicated to excellence in the choral arts. It is committed to providing a positive, productive, educational, social and entertainment experience for its members, friends, and audience. Through their music, they strive to educate themselves and the community at large by delivering the message of social acceptance and diversity. Its goal is to be the premier community performing arts organization in Maine. The Archives contain records, posters, other promotional materials, videos, CDs, awards, & proclamations.  35.5 ft.

Maine Health Foundation Archives   LG MS 60 
The Maine Health Foundation was founded in Portland in 1983, to fund efforts promoting the health of the gay and lesbian community. It ended up funding primarily HIV-related services and activities.  The Archives contains administrative records of the organization.    1984-1992    1 ft.

Maine Lesbian and Gaymen's Symposium VIII Collection   LG MS 120
The Collection contains a pre-registration flyer and a program. 1981. 1 folder.

Maine Lesbian Feminist Archives    LG MS 5    View Finding Aid
Maine Lesbian Feminist was a group in Belfast, Maine whose primary purpose was to publish a newsletter.  The group existed from 1976 through 1984.  The Archives consists of issues of the Maine Lesbian Feminist Newsletter published during the late 1970s-early 1980s, as well as records of the group that published it.    1970s-1980s    0.25 ft.    View Newsletters HERE.

Maine Marriage Equality Collection    LG MS 85
Susie R. Bock, Director of the Sampson Center, collected these materials during the public debate of the bill before the Maine Legislature in early 2009.  Newspapers from around Maine, plus Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal, with articles dealing with the passage of a same-sex marriage bill in the Maine Legislature.     2009   1 ft.


Mainers United for Marriage Archives   LG MS 134

Maine Rural Network Archives   LG MS 70
The Maine Rural Network’s mission was to promote visibility and security for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people living in rural Maine, and to work for social, educational and economic justice for all Maine people by creating a statewide network connecting local groups.  The group disbanded in 2002.  The Archives contains records of the group, as well as computer files, videos, and oral history cassettes from the "Rural Lives Project."    1994-2002    2 ft.

Maine Speak Out Project Archives   LG MS 82 
Maine Speak Out Project is a Portland-based organization which through presentations promotes respect and understanding of different sexual orientations.  "The mission of the Maine Speakout Project is to create a society that is inclusive and respectful of people of differing sexual and gender orientations by providing opportunities for non-divisive dialogue." [Website]  The Archives contains organizational records, including media guides, informational pamphlets, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, agendas, newsletters, and videos.    1995-2001    16.5 ft. 


Maine Transgender Network Archives   LG MS 46

Maine Won't Discriminate Archives    LG MS 18    View Finding Aid
Maine Won't Discriminate (MWD) was an organization created to work toward passing LGBT civil rights legislation in Maine and to advocate against/for citizens referenda that would have overturned/sustained such legislation.  The Archives contains organizational records as well as print and audiovisual material created and used by the organization.  The majority of the materials relate to MWD’s ultimately successful efforts to oppose referendum Question 1 in 2005, which read: “Do you want to reject the new law that would protect people from discrimination in employment, housing, education, public accommodations and credit based on their sexual orientation?”  The materials include polling data, strategy documents, and action plans, details regarding direct mail campaigns and special events, press clippings, statements of support and testimonials, media plans, correspondence, meeting notes, website plans, and other internal documents.  Also present are similar materials related to referendum battles in 1995 and 1997-98, as well as materials regarding L.D. 1116 (1997), L.D. 1196 (2005), and other activities during the period of 1996-99, such as elections during this time, debate over same-sex marriages/domestic partnerships, and collaborations with other groups like the Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance, Maine Freedom to Marry Coalition, Safer School Coalition of Maine, and Maine’s Law Enforcement Curriculum Committee.     1991-2005    7 ft.

Mainely Men Archives   LG MS 102
Mainely Men is a twice-yearly weekend conference in which men gather in a quiet, rustic lakeside settling in central Maine.  During the weekend each man may develop new friendships, participate in a program or workshops related to men's issues, become involved in a talent show, relax, enjoy the woods and learn more about himself.  We are an unstructured group that meets in the spring and fall and exists as a group only during the conference weekend.  Mainely Men is a twice-yearly weekend conference in which men gather in a quiet, rustic lakeside settling in central Maine.  The Archives contains photographs, incorporation papers, t-shirts (lots), membership lists, administrative records.    1980s-2004    2 ft. 


Marchand, Nadine Scrapbook   LG MS 145 
Scrapbook is related to Nadine Marchand's brother, Arthur George Lopes.   c. 1977, 1996-1997   2 ft. 


Michael Martin Papers    LG MS 26  View Finding Aid
AIDS Activist Michael Martin served the Southern Maine community as a concerned member of several LGBT organizations, maintaining a leadership role with three groups (the Maine Gay Men’s Chorus, The AIDS Project, Peabody House), as well as a tertiary role in the development of others (EPL, PAWS, Maine Won’t Discriminate).   .5 ft.

K. Ronald McClinton Collection  LG MS 47
Items related to memorial service including program, guestbook, and a photograph. 

K. Ronald McClinton Papers   LG MS 136
The papers include but are not limited to Personal photographs, correspondence, items related to McClinton's military service, items from Mr. McClinton's desk, including his pillbox.   3 ft. 

Dale McCormick Papers    LG MS 31    View Finding Aid
Dale McCormick was the first woman in the country to complete a carpentry apprenticeship with the carpenter’s union and is a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters local 1996, having been a carpenter and contractor for 30 years.  In 1988, McCormick founded Women Unlimited, a program that successfully trains women on welfare to compete for high-paying jobs in trade and technical occupations.  In 1984, McCormick helped found and became the first President of the Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance (now called EqualityMaine), which advocates statewide for civil rights and better treatment for lesbian/gay/bi/transgender/and questioning people.  She was a co-founder of Northeast Women in Transportation, which educated women’s organizations around the country about the opportunities in the Federal Intermodal Surface Transportation and Efficiency Act (ISTEA) for increasing the number of women and minorities in the construction industry.  McCormick won a seat in the Maine Senate in 1990 and was re-elected twice in a conservative district.  She was elected Treasurer of the State of Maine on December 4, 1996, and served eight years, Maine’s first female Constitutional Officer.  In 2005 Governor John Baldacci appointed McCormick Director of the Maine State Housing Authority; she was reappointed to that position in February 2010.  She has a B.A. from the University of Iowa and has written two books: Against the Grain: A Carpentry Manual for Women, and Housemending: Home Repair For The Rest of Us.  She was the second recipient of the Sampson Center’s Catalyst for Change Award.  The Papers contain records and newspaper articles documenting McCormick’s political career and her LGBT and AIDS activism in Maine. The collection also includes records and research material associated with McCormick’s work as president of the Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance (MLGPA), along with materials on conferences and events attended by McCormick. Also, there are materials from a course she taught in the spring of 1988 at the University of Southern Maine, “Relating Professionally to Homosexuality.”    1970-2001    8.5 ft.


Dorn Wagner McMahon Papers   LG MS 137


P.J. Mears Papers   LG MS 97   


K. Max Mellenthin Papers   LG MS 135

The papers include but are not limited to items related to Gay Side Story and Charlie Howard. 


Bunny Mills Papers   LG MS 87


Kathy Mills John Preston Collection   LG MS 124

Mountain Valley Men Archives  LG MS 75 
Mountain Valley Men is a New England Gay social group.  The Archives consists of organizational records of the group.    1989-2000    0.5 ft.


W. Jo Moser Photographs    LG MS 140
Digital photographs primarily documenting queer families in Maine. The collection includes but is not limited to photos of the annual Portland Pride Parade and Dyke March, as well as photos documenting Equality Maine events, rallies and promotional items. You can listen to an interview with Ms. Moser HERE.



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Susan Nadeau Lesbian Survey   LG MS 108

Albert Nickerson Collection   LG MS 63
Albert Nickerson is a long-time Portland businessman and LGBT activist.  The Collection contains 43 signed works by John Preston and other Maine authors, David Sedaris, Dale McCormick, and Armistead Maupin; copies of Our Paper, Apex and other Maine LGBT publications; Karen Geraghty’s Mayoral Inauguration program & invitation; obituary & funeral program for John Preston; Armistead Maupin lecture flyer & ticket stub; 1 each desk & wall calendars; and an audio CD of a David Sedaris performance.     3.5 ft.

Northern Lambda Nord Archives    LG MS 11    View Finding Aid
One of the earliest gay and lesbian groups in the state, NLN began in 1979 as a support network for the rural LGBT community, located in Aroostook County, with members in Maine and New Brunswick.  By the mid-1980s, NLN had added an outreach component, working to educate the local community on LGBT identity and acceptance and health and HIV/AIDS issues.  They also started a Gay-Lesbian Phoneline which grew into the Maine HIV/AIDS Hotline.  The group disbanded in 2000 but re-formed in 2006.  The Archives contain an extensive collection of organizational records, promotional materials, photo albums, and artifacts.    1977-2002    21 ft.  View Newsletters HERE

Northern Maine Pride Archives   LG MS 84
Northern Maine Pride, based in Bangor, saw itself as a social action group that celebrated diversity, focusing on education and bringing diverse communities together.  The group organized a Diversity Celebration every June during the middle years of the 2000s decade.  The Archives contains organizational records and correspondence, checkbook and unused checks, receipt books, and miscellaneous papers.    1 ft.

Christopher O'Connor Collection    LG MS 4    View Finding Aid
Christopher O’Connor was the resident director of USM’s Portland Hall dormitory in the fall of 1999 when there was an incident involving anti-gay graffiti in the dormitory.  The Collection includes newspaper clippings regarding the incident, brochures, and a letter to the USM community from O'Connor.    1999    0.25 ft.

Our Paper Photograph Archives    LG MS 109  View Our Paper HERE
Photographs used in the publication Our Paper: a voice for lesbians and gay males in Maine.     1 ft.


OUT cast Archives   LG MS 154 
You can click HERE for more information and to listen to past broadcasts. 

Out on MDI Archives LG MS 131
The Out on MDI (Mount Desert Island) Archives consists of a notebook. The records include newsletters, correspondence, flyers from events, photographs, and copies of newspaper articles and legislative documents re 1993 anti-discrimination bill.    1993-8, undated    0.25 ft. 

Outright Archives   LG MS 62
Outright was an organization that supported young people in the Portland area LGBT community. The organization closed down at the beginning of March 2006, passing on its mission to PRYSM (Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine), which is run out of the Community Counseling Center. The Archives contains organizational records and other materials, including a large plexiglass sign.     40.5 ft.

Emily Paine Papers   LG MS 116
Emily Paine is a USM student. The Papers consist of a paper: A matter of survival : anti-discrimination policy and school climate for Maine’s LGBTQ youth, Emily Paine, May 2011, Professor Deprez, Maine Policy Scholars [11 p.], and the letter Paine sent to Gov. LePage based on the paper: 2011 Apr 4, Subject: Ensuring Safe School Environments for All of Maine’s Students [4 p.]     2011

Betsy Parsons Collection   LG MS 152
Betsy Parsons was a teacher in the Portland Public Schools and a Board member, GLSEN-Southern Maine (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network).  She also served on the LGBT Advisory Committee for the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine at the University of Southern Maine and was involved with the Unitarian Universalist Church.  She was the Southern Maine coordinator for the Marriage Equality Family Ambassador Project, a grassroots educational initiative to promote understanding of how marriage for same-sex couples will help Maine children, families and communities, supported by Maine Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders and Equality Maine Foundation.  The Collection consists of signs used in a Nov. 5, 2005 rally, organized by the Unitarian Universalist Church in favor of LGBT civil rights legislation, as well as printed material from the Maine Won't Discriminate campaign.  The Betsy Parsons Papers, within the Collection, consist of concert programs and promotional materials for the chorus Women in Harmony, one issue of the serial "in Partnership," the state gov't publication, "Maine's common core of learning," a PRYSM flyer, and papers from the Allen Ave. UU Church.  You can hear an interview with Ms. Parsons HERE.   2005   2 ft.

John Payntor Papers   LG MS 123
Includes 2 small flags (Stonewall 25 [1994]; 1993 March on Washington), 2 pins, 3 stickers, 1 cap, 2 handmade signs on backs of printed signs, 1 lg lawn sign   3.5 ft.

Frances W. Peabody Papers    LG MS 38    View Finding Aid
Frannie Peabody was one of Maine's leading AIDS activists.  Best known in Maine and nationally for her exceptional leadership in the AIDS epidemic, she also gave significant service on historic preservation, child welfare, and gay rights issues.  She was a founder of Portland’s The AIDS Project and the Frannie Peabody Center (formerly Peabody House), as well as of Greater Portland Landmarks.  The Papers contain Peabody's personal papers, including her work with The AIDS Project and bereavement counseling.   1981-1999    24.5 ft.

PFLAG Archives   LG MS 118
An audiotape of PFLAG on PBS, Memos, News clippings. 1 folder.

Elaine R. Pitkin Papers    LG MS 74
Dr. Elaine R. Pitkin, Sc.D., now retired, has had many different careers.  She has been a Psychologist, Artist, Art Teacher, Framer, Restaurant Owner, Waitress, Administrator, Bookkeeper, Bicycle tour Coordinator, and Bicycle tourist in countries like the Baltic States, Nova Scotia, Scotland and the US.  In 2011 Pitkin was inducted into Maine’s Roll of Honor, which recognizes volunteers who donate 500 hours or more of documented service to the community during the previous twelve months.  The Papers consist of printouts of 4 papers, 2 written by Pitkin, 2 by Bishop Spong, and a VHS videocassette.   1987-2010    0.25 ft.

Bob Poirier Papers   LG MS 91
Bobby Roger Poirier is a film producer, director, and actor.  He founded BobbyRoger Incorporated, a television and motion picture production company.  The company has produced documentaries for Maine PBS, as well as national television productions and independent and educational films.  Some of these projects address LGBT issues.  Videos, in Beta and Mini-Digital Video Cassette formats, made to document events and legislation of interest.  A few are dated 1997 and 1998, most are not dated.    1990s    1 ft.

Portland Dyke March Archives    LG MS 130
The mission of the Portland, Maine Dyke March is to create an empowering movement that fosters community and celebration for dykes and the people who love them. The Portland Dyke March seeks to be positive, feminist, diverse and community-driven in all of its endeavors.  They welcome anyone with a past or present connection to the dyke community.  The Archives contains a banner, t-shirts, flyers, and other materials generated by the group.    2007-2013   3 ft.

Prevention Works Harm Reduction Services Archives   LG MS 54
This organization began as Androscoggin Valley AIDS Coalition, became the AIDS Coalition of Lewiston-Auburn, and then Prevention Works Harm Reduction Services, before merging with Coastal AIDS Network.  The Archives contains business files, a framed text, t-shirts, and a wooden sign.      1.5 ft.

Querying the Past: LGBTQ Maine Oral History Project Collection  LG MS 110    View on Digital Commons
The Querying the Past: LGBTQ Maine Oral History Project is intended to add an additional dimension to the Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine’s LGBTQ+ Collection by collecting and preserving the voices and stories of members of the Southern Maine LGBTQ community.  The oral histories  are available to the public to enrich understanding of our community and will serve as an important resource for scholars working on LGBTQ history. The Principle Investigator for this project is Dr. Wendy Chapkis, Professor of Sociology and Women & Gender Studies at the University of Southern Maine. Professor Chapkis is also the Faculty Scholar for the Sampson Center’s LGBTQ Collection (from 2016 through 2018). The LGBT Oral History Project integrates USM students into the process of community-based research; after being trained each fall, students serve as interviewers and transcribers of the oral histories.     .25 ft.

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Rainbow Business & Professional Association Archives   LG MS 138
The Rainbow Business & Professional Association (rbpa) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the vitality, productivity, and growth of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender business and professional community throughout the State of Maine.  Established in 1992, it was Maine’s original LGBT business & professional networking organization.  The Rainbow Business & Professional Association (rbpa) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the vitality, productivity, and growth of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender business and professional community throughout the State of Maine.  Established in 1992, it was Maine’s original LGBT business & professional networking organization.  The Archives contains operational and promotional documents, rbpa publications, local and national publications, and 3 t-shirts.   1999-2008   ca. 2.5 ft.


C. Pedric Rea Papers   LG MS 105

Lois Galgay Reckitt Papers   LG MS 83
Lois Reckitt, Executive Director of Family Crisis Services in Portland, Maine, has been at the forefront of Maine's efforts to stop domestic abuse and assist its victims.  She has been the Chair of the Maine Coalition for Family Crisis Services, the Maine Representative to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and, for six years, a member of the Maine Commission on Domestic Abuse, serving for three years as Chair.  She has also served on the Performance Council of the Judicial Branch, and is currently Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  She co-founded the first chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Maine, co-founded the state organization of NOW, the Maine Coalition for Human Rights, Maine Right to Choose, the Maine Women's Lobby, and the Matlovich Society, an educational and cultural group for gays and lesbians and their allies.  Reckitt gained national exposure through her service to NOW, where she has served more than fifteen years on the National Board of Directors, including two terms as Executive Vice President in Washington, D.C.  In addition, she helped to organize and served for eight years on the National Board of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, and served as the group's Deputy Director before returning to Maine in 1990.  The Papers contain correspondence, writings, newsletters, clippings, and other papers Reckitt gathered between the 1970s and 2002.   You can listen to an interview with Ms. Reckitt HERE.  1970s-2002    38 ft.


Lois M. Reed Charlie Howard Collection   LG MS 61


Peter Rees Papers   LG MS 132

Referendum 6 Collection    LG MS 1    View Finding Aid
The Collection was assembled by the staff of USM's Special Collections to document the November 2000 State election referendum against discrimination based on sexual orientation.  The issue was Question 6 on the ballot and read: “Do you favor ratifying the action of the 119th Legislature whereby it passed an act extending to all citizens regardless of their sexual orientation the same basic rights to protection against discrimination now guaranteed to citizens on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation and credit and where the act expressly states that nothing in the act confers legislative approval of, or special rights to, any person or group of persons?”  The act was overturned (50.38% voted to overturn versus 49.62% to sustain).  The Collection includes articles from the Bangor Daily News, Casco Bay Weekly, Portland Press Herald, and Sun Journal; information from the websites of groups opposing the act (advocating “No on 6”); flyers, brochures, a poster, and material from the websites of groups advocating for the act to be upheld via the referendum, including Yes on 6, Maine Coalition for Equal Rights, Maine Council of Churches, MLGPA (detailed chronology of efforts to pass gay-rights bill), and Mid Coast for Human Rights; and other background information about the referendum and surrounding debate.    2000    2.25 ft.

Religious Coalition Against Discrimination Archives   LG MS 55
The Religious Coalition Against Discrimination (RCAD) is a statewide interfaith network of clergy and lay religious leaders in Maine whose mission is to educate and publicly advocate for the civil and human rights of all people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, within their diverse Maine congregations and communities. Their education and advocacy is done through the social justice lens common to their faith traditions. Their focus is change in the civic arena through civil discourse and sound political strategies. The Archives contains organizational records and resource materials.     1987-2000, undated     1 ft.

Penny Rich Collection    LG MS 37    View Finding Aid
Records and artifacts documenting the Maine Lesbian Gay Film Festival and Women's Community Project of Portland. YOu can listen to an interview with Ms. Rich HERE.   1980s-1990s    7 ft.

Myles J. Rightmier Papers   LG MS 119
Script, poster, program and other materials related to play Gay Side Story. You can see items from this collection HERE

Eugene Rochow Papers    LG MS 10     View Finding Aid
Eugene Rochow was an early member and served on the board of the Matlovich Society, a Portland-based organization that provided an educational and cultural forum for the local gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning community during the 1990s.  The Papers document the Matlovich Society between 1991 and 1996 and other organizations and events in the LGBT community.  The majority of the papers in this collection are records of the Matlovich Society which Rochow retained after the organization ceased in 1999.  The collection also includes documents related to Equal Protection Portland, an initiative in 1992 to pass and protect a Portland city ordinance that barred discrimination against homosexuals, and Maine LGBT newspapers spanning the years 1979 through 1997.    1990-1999    5.5 ft.

Roland's T-Shirt   LG MS 88
Green Roland's t-shirt with a printed mug of beer. Roland's was a popular gay bar that burned down in 1977.

Michael Rossetti Collection    LG MS 36    View Finding Aid
Michael Rossetti was chiefly responsible for creating and running Southern Maine Pride, and was the grandmaster at the 2006 Pride festival.  The Collection contain records and artifacts documenting Southern Maine Pride and other Gay and Lesbian events from the 1980s to 2000.    1980s-2000    4 ft.

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Marty Sabol Papers    LG MS 32    View Finding Aid
Marty Sabol manages the Infectious Disease Program at the Public Health Division of the Portland Department of Health and Human Services.  He oversees prevention efforts and healthcare services related to sexually transmitted and vaccine preventable diseases in the Portland area.  He has served as vice-president of the Maine Public Health Association, as an advisor to the Equity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation and as a member of the GLBT Caucus of Public Health Workers with the American Public Health Association.  In 1984, Sabol co-founded the Maine Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance (MLGPA), now known as EqualityMaine, serving as Secretary in 1984-85.  The Papers contain a handmade poster for the play, "Oklahomo," and the guest book of the Maine Gay Symposium, covering the years from 1975 to 1987.     1975-1987, undated       2 ft.

Sappho's Sisters Archives   LG MS 122
Includes materials from conferences and newsletters.   c. 2001-2007

May Sarton Postcards   LG MS 115
2 postcards from the estate of May Sarton, from her personal stationery.

May Sarton Scrapbook    LG MS 15    View Finding Aid
William Barry is a well-known, published local historian.  He had a slight connection with May Sarton through his friend Dorothy Healy, co-founder of the Maine Women Writers Collection.  The Scrapbook contains documents relating to his correspondence with Sarton regarding her essay for a memorial book for Healy; documents and newspaper clippings relating to celebrations of  Sarton’s life and work; documents regarding Barry’s effort to get Sarton’s essay in Healy’s memorial included in a Sarton bibliography.     1983-2008    0.25 ft.


Chuck Sawyer Papers   LG MS 106
The Papers primarily contain materials related to Sawyer's AIDS activism, such as the “Maine Walk” a funder raiser for AIDS, and the badge from 1989 for the AIDS event in Washington, DC, at which he represented Maine. The purple button was for marriage equality in Maine. In addition to political buttons, there is a newspaper clipping about one of the first women in Maine to die of AIDS, and her daughter, who lived openly with AIDs, and who died after graduating from college and a VHS recording of a Channel 6 Memorial Day Special. You can listen to an interview with Mr. Sawyer HERE.

Sisters Bar Research Project Collection   LG MS 72  
Clare Forstie, a 2003 graduate magna cum laude from Bowdoin College, earned a master’s degree in American and New England Studies at USM in 2010.  She went on to begin a doctoral program in Sociology at Northwestern University in Illinois in the Fall of 2010.  Forstie’s master’s thesis is an ethnographic study of Sisters, a Portland, Maine, lesbian bar open from 1995 to 2005.  The Collection consists of a printed copy of Forstie’s master's thesis as well as the thesis and supporting files in electronic format - audio files of interviews, thesis and brief bio in pdf format, Word documents.    2009-2010    0.25 ft

Howard Solomon Collection    LG MS 45    View Finding Aid
Howard Solomon worked at Tufts University from 1971 to 2004 as a professor in the History Department (focusing on medieval and early modern French history) and Dean. Solomon is an adjunct faculty member in the History Department at the University of Southern Maine, where he served as the Sampson Center Scholar-in-Residence for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Collection from 2001 to 2007.  He continues to speak and write on gay and lesbian issues, as a form of scholarly and public activism.  The Collection contains posters from various political campaigns, t-shirts, a banner of the group Casco Gay Men, a file of Abromson scholarship applications, and other materials relating to the LGBT community.  You can listen to an interview with Mr. Solomon HERE and view a short film about Mr. Solomon's life and work HERE. You can see a collection of Mr. Solomon's WWI posters HERE. 10.5 ft.


Southern Maine Mah Jongg Banner   LG MS 139

South Portland Citizens for Justice Archives    LG MS 8    View Finding Aid
South Portland Citizens for Justice was a group seeking a local ordinance against discrimination based on sexual orientation.  The group campaigned in support of the proposed Human Rights Ordinance, which was on the ballot in the November 3, 1998 election.  The Archives contains newspaper articles (clippings and entire issues) that relate to the 1998 Human Rights Ordinance.  Also included are items from the South Portland Citizens for Justice organization, such as correspondence, publications, posters, stickers, and press packets.    1998    2.5 ft.

Bruce Spang Papers   LG MS 67
Bruce Spang is Portland's poet laureate.  The Papers consist of materials used in creation of a musical about Charlie Howard, including books, clippings and photocopies, as well as a draft of the play, a script [4 c.], and a CD of the libretto.      0.5 ft.

Richard Steinman Papers   LG MS 71
Richard Steinman taught the first Social Work course at USM to include LGBT issues in the department of Social Welfare, which later became the School of Social Work.  Steinman began teaching at USM in 1966, became a Professor Emeritus in 1987 and continued to teach part-time until he retired in the 1990s. Steinman died in 2006.  He was a founding member of the Maine Gay and Lesbian Political Alliance, now EqualityMaine. The Papers include an issue of Transgender Tapestry, Transgender Group brochures, USM course objectives, LGBT articles, Social Work articles, and student work.  You can listen to an interview with Mr. Steinman HERE.   0.5 ft.

Dan Stevens Papers   LG MS 57
Dan Stevens is a 3d-generation Mainer and a long-time member of the staff of the Maine Education Association.  He was active in numerous gay groups, including serving on the Boards of both the Maine Rural Network and MLGPA.  He was an active member of the group Maine Won't Discriminate, working toward civil rights for Maine's LGBT community.  The Papers contain papers and news clippings regarding at least two anti-discrimination campaigns as well as other civil rights issues in Maine.  Also present are general correspondence, notes & maps, and a series of emails posted to the email discussion list Maine GayNet in 1997.    1993-2005    0.5 ft.

Jean Stickney Posters    LG MS 3    View Finding Aid
Stickney was an agent for entertainers.  This is a collection of colored posters advertising events of interest to the Gay and Lesbian communities.  Many of these events were organized by Wild Iris Productions, Jean Stickney’s business, and held in the First Parish Church in Portland, Maine.    1980s-1990s    2 ft.

Christine Torraca Collection   LG MS 77   
The Collection consists of a nearly complete run of "Out/Look : National lesbian & gay quarterly" and news clippings related to the murder of  Charlie Howard and copies of an affidavit of the investigating detective in the trial of Howard's attackers.    1984-1992    0.5 ft..

Transsupport Archives    LG MS 16    View Finding Aid
Transsupport is a non-profit, educational, non-sexual peer support group for Cross-dressers, Transsexuals, their families, friends and significant others.  The Archives contains organizational papers and newsletters from between 1994 and 1998, plus one issue of vol. 1 of the newsletter, dated 1989.    1989, 1994-1998    0.5 ft.

Typescript of Sex   LG MS 114
Draft of the screenplay for the film later rewritten as Shortbus.

USM Lesbian and Gay Oral History Project Collection   LG MS 76  View This Collection on Digital Commons
Collection of twelve interviews done in the Summer of 1999 with members of the gay community who were politically active in Maine in the 1970's.    1999   1 ft.

Jean Vermette Papers    LG MS 41    View Finding Aid
Jean Vermette is the founding director of the Maine Gender Resource and Support Service (MeGReSS). Jean won the Maine Lesbian Gay Political Alliance (MLPGA) “Great Pioneer Award” in 2000, “for achievement that embodies bold new vision or courageous breakthrough in our struggle for equality.” (MLPGA became EqualityMaine in 2004.) In 2007, Jean provided testimony with Kael Parker against LD 1589, An Act to Prohibit the Use of Opposite-Gender Bathrooms, Changing Rooms, and Locker Rooms. The bill would have made it a crime in Maine for a person to use a public bathroom, changing room or locker room that was designated for use by a gender different than the gender the person was assigned at birth. LD 1589 died in committee. The Jean Vermette Papers contain correspondence, publications, audio/visual media, legal briefs, books, and material ephemera dating from 1970 to 2011, with the bulk of the material originating from the 2000s.   You can listen to an interview with Ms. Vermette HERE.   1970-2011

Marli F. Weiner Diaries   LG MS 86
Marli F. Weiner was Professor of History at UMaine, Orono, when she died in March of 2009.  She had taught at five other institutions of higher education before coming to Maine.  She was active in the Maine Humanities Council and a key participant in their literature and medicine program, leading two reading and discussion groups at regional hospitals.  The Diaries consist of Prof. Wiener’s personal and professional journals, dating from her childhood.  They document her growth into adulthood and, later, her mindfulness of being lesbian.  The Diaries are restricted from use until March 2034.    3.5 ft.

Westbrook Citizens for Equal Rights Archives    LG MS 19    View Finding Aid
Westbrook Citizens for Equal Rights (WCER) was a Political Action Committee (PAC) registered in Westbrook, Maine in June of 2002. WCER was formed to promote civil rights in Westbrook, and notably campaigned to uphold the Westbrook Human Rights Ordinance of 2002. The archives contain materials from both the “Vote Yes” and “Vote No” campaigns on the Human Rights Ordinance referendum, such as flyers, pamphlets, campaign signs and stickers, advertisements, volunteer instructions, and correspondence. There is also information on the 2003 election in Westbrook, and on similar ordinance campaigns in Falmouth, Maine, and in Kalamazoo and Traverse City, Michigan, in addition to other resource articles, speeches, and publications.   1995-2003   3.75 ft

Barb Wood Papers   LG MS 104   Listen to an Interview With Ms. Wood HERE.

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