Special Collections

LGBTQ+ Collection Advisory Committee

Susie R. Bock
Director, Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine, USM 

Steve Bull, Chair
1970s activist

Melissa DeStefano
Activist, Artist

Sarah E. Holmes
Assistant Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Mary F. Holt
Special Collections & Digital Projects USM Libraries, Local Folklorist

BobBi Keppel
Social worker, author, activist

Alanna Larrivee
Immigrant & refugee advocate, social justice activist, lifelong Mainer

Benn Marine
Social Justice Advocate

David J. Nutty
University Librarian and Director of Libraries, USM

Lois Galgay Reckitt
Co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign, LGBT and feminist activist with lifetime focus on domestic violence

Alley Smith-Morrissey
LGBTQ+ military & veteran advocate / activist

Holly Valero
President, HollyWorks

Brody Wood
Activist, educator, writer