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Contents of the USM Portland Campus Library Time Capsule

The items described below were selected on the basis of suggestions from USM faculty, staff, and students. Sheila A. Millay, chair of the USM Student Senate, placed this capsule in the foundation during the grand opening on Sunday, October 3, 1993. She was assisted by:  Perdita Huston, whose ancestor, T.A. Huston, constructed the building in 1919; alumnus Walter E. Mattson, recently retired president of The New York Times Company, whose father worked as manager of a bakery that once operated in this building; USM Professor John F. Jaques, the senior ranking faculty member who joined USM in 1946; Gail Downs, chair of the Classified Staff Senate; Steven G. Rand, immediate past chair of the Professional Staff Senate; and alumnus John E. Walker, president of the 26,000-member USM Alumni Association. We hope that these items are representative of campus life in 1993.

  • A brochure describing USM Recycles, an indication of the environmental concerns of the 1990s.
  • A program for the opening of the Library, Sunday, October 3, 1993.
  • A copy of The Free Press, USM’s student-run newspaper.
  • Copies of the news articles on the Library, which were published in the daily newspaper, the Portland Press Herald.
  • Various USM products, including pencils and pens.
  • A list of student fees for the fall, 1993 semester, including tuition and room and board.
  • A coin that commemorated USM’s 100th anniversary in 1978.
  • A “Safer Sex” brochure and a condom, made available by USM Student Health Services as part of efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • A library card, used by students in 1993 to borrow books and other materials.
  • A copy of USM President Richard L. Pattenaude’s “Action Plan,” a strategic planning document.
  • A copy of a 1993 Community Programs catalog, describing noncredit courses.
  • USM 1993 undergraduate and graduate catalogs and 1993 student recruitment brochures.
  • A 1978 catalog marking USM’s 100th anniversary.
  • A 1993 copy of Mainestream, USM’s alumni magazine, which features a USM professor’s research on the local homeless population.
  • A copy of Currents, USM’s newsletter for faculty and staff.
  • Excerpts from the latest Fact Book, which gives an institutional profile.
  • A copy of USM’s newsletter for the Classified Staff, the support staff of the university.
  • An envelope and letterhead that commemorates the January, 1993 inauguration of President Bill Clinton.
  • “Spirit of USM’ T-shirt with pin, worn during student orientation, fall 1993, and a package of orientation materials given to new students.
  • A copy of The Navigator, USM’s handbook for students that features information on university policies, rates, and a directory of all student organizations.
  • A set of 1993 minted coins, and a 1993 Liberty Dollar coin.
  • A USM diploma, dated 2078, for the Class of 2078.
  • A booklet describing USM’s placement exams.
  • A brochure explaining how to recognize and combat harassment, distributed to students, faculty and staff.
  • An invitation to USM’s ’93 Open House.
  • A newsletter describing the programs aired on WMPG, a student/community radio station at USM.
  • A brochure from USM Child Care Services, which includes rates for child care.
  • A student recruitment brochure designed for older learners. As of this writing, the average age of a USM undergraduate is 28. An application for adult learners also is included.
  • Financial aid information and application.
  • A brochure describing USM’s athletic program.
  • A brochure describing the services available at USM’s Women’s Center.
  • A booklet featuring the Smith and Osher Cartographic Collections, which will be in the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education, scheduled to open in the fall of 1994.
  • A pencil commemorating the 1993 movie, “Jurassic Park,” as of this writing the highest grossing film of all time.
  • A report of crimes committed at USM during 1992-1993, a report required by federal law.
  • A copy of the USM newsletter “Maine Business Indicators”, which includes the latest economic indices for the region. This publication is sent to area businesses as a public service.
  • Computer memory chips, representing the state of computer technology, 1993.

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