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The University of Southern Maine grew out of two academic institutions in Gorham and Portland, and the Portland institution itself is the result of merging several earlier schools. Our collection has yearbooks from all of these preceding academic institutions.

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The list below is organized to reflect this past history both chronologically and geographically.




Gorham Normal School Green and White 1919-1948*
Gorham State Teachers College    
Gorham State Teachers College Hillcrest 1949-1970
Gorham State College    
UMPG, Gorham campus**   1971
Portland University PUvian 1922, 1925
Portland Junior College The Stag 1948-1957
University of Maine in Portland Umpire 1958-1968
University of Maine in Portland Unnamed 1969
University of Maine in Portland The Organic Experience 1970
University of Maine, Portland-Gorham The Log 1971
Portland Campus **    
University of Maine, Portland-Gorham 1972 Umpire 1971-72 Final Edition
Portland Campus    
University of Maine, Portland-Gorham Reflection 1973-1977
USM   1978-1984, 1994***

*1944 ed. not published due to war conditions. Graduating class pictures are in the 1945 edition.
**There were two distinct titles published in 1971, one at Gorham, and one at Portland, even though at that time the two campuses were one school (UMPG).
***1985-92 no publication, 1993-1994 issue published, no publication after 1994