USM Libraries

USM Policies - Photographing/Videotaping in the Libraries

  • Individuals or groups cannot take photographs or videotape until they receive permission from USM Office of Risk Management (780-5245).

  • Photographs/videos cannot show USM signage, USM logos, or anything that could identify USM in any way (USM logos visible could be seen as USM sponsoring or affiliated with an outside group).

  • Risk Management (780-5245) and Public Affairs (780-4200) must be contacted prior to individuals taking photographs/videos.

  • Risk Management requires a short written description of what the photos/videos will be used for, group information, and contact information. They will discuss the necessary liability issues with the individual or group in advance (780-5245 or

  • The photographer/videographer needs to have prior permission in writing from those appearing in their photographs or videos, including people in the background.  USM’s photo release form can be found here:

  • If the photography or video recording is authorized, the University may ask to witness the photo shoot to ensure compliance with the above rules and regulations.

  • The University reserves the right to terminate photographing or videotaping within the Libraries immediately, as deemed appropriate by university staff.