Department of Linguistics


All linguistics majors are assigned Dana McDaniel as their official advisor.  However, students are encouraged to approach any of the full-time linguistics faculty members for advising.

Dana McDaniel is the general advisor. She will answer any scheduling and transcript questions -- which courses you need, which courses to take when, how many credits you need, what you need to complete the General Education requirements, what you have left to graduate, etc. The best way to reach Dana is by e-mail:

Judy Shepard-Kegl answers questions about careers in ASL and interpreting. In particular, you should contact her if you are in the ASL/Interpreting Concentration (or are considering that concentration) and want to know about certification, possible careers, or assessment of your skills in ASL and interpreting. The best way to reach Judy is by calling the Signed Language Research Lab: 780-5957, or Videophone (646) 350-3356.

Wayne Cowart answers questions about graduate school and language-related careers other than those involving ASL and interpreting. In particular, you should contact him if you are in the general major and have questions about graduate programs in linguistics, or if you are in the Speech and Language Concentration and have questions about graduate programs, undergraduate prerequisites, certification, and careers in speech/language pathology. The best way to reach Wayne is by e-mail: You can also reach him at 780-4477 or through the Linguistics Office at 780-4582 (780-4069 TTY).


Preregistration for Fall and Spring Semesters:

We do a round of advising before the preregistration period each semester. Once the next semester's courses are posted on Mainestreet, Dana sends an e-mail message to all majors. 

As is explained in the e-mail message, if you have no initial questions on your curriculum, then you will enter your courses on your MaineStreet Student Center enrollment wish list.  You may want to consult your Mainestreet degree progress report before completing your wish list or getting in touch with Dana. However, the progress report is not yet accurate with respect to the major; it is only useful with respect to General Education and overall requirements (total number of credits, etc.). 

If you have questions or do not know which classes you would like to take, then you can e-mail Dana to set up an appointment or to discuss your questions via e-mail.  

Once you have completed your wish list, you have it sent to Dana by selecting that option on the wish list page or by sending Dana an e-mail.  Once Dana approves your wish list, she will e-mail you to let you know. Then you can register for your classes on (or after) the date and time shown in your Student Center.