Department of Linguistics


All linguistics majors are assigned a faculty academic advisor in the Linguistics Department. Students are also encouraged to approach any of the full-time linguistics faculty members for advising.


Preregistration for Fall and Spring Semesters:

We do a round of advising before the preregistration period each semester. Once the next semester's courses are posted on Mainestreet, we send an e-mail message to all majors. 

As is explained in the e-mail message, if you have no initial questions on your curriculum, then you will enter your courses on your MaineStreet Student Center enrollment wish list.  You may want to consult your Mainestreet degree progress report before completing your wish list or getting in touch with your advisor. However, the progress report is not always accurate with respect to the major; it is most useful with respect to General Education and overall requirements (total number of credits, etc.). 

If you have questions or do not know which classes you would like to take, then you can e-mail your advisor to set up an appointment or to discuss your questions via e-mail.  

You can register for classes on (or after) your registration date. We encourage students to register as soon as possible.