Department of Linguistics

Congratulations and thanks to Wayne Cowart!

Dr. Wayne Cowart is retiring this year after 28 years at USM. His contribution to USM’s linguistics program throughout that time is invaluable; in fact, we consider him to be its founder. In 1991 Wayne established the Language Sciences Laboratory, and from there developed the foundation for the ASL/English Interpreting program. Through Wayne’s leadership, this entity became what is today the only Linguistics major, as well as the only ASL/English Interpreting program, in the State of Maine.

In his research, Wayne has always thought outside of the box, challenging some fundamental assumptions about syntactic and semantic representations in the human mind and their evolution, as well as methodological approaches to studying these questions. Over the years, numerous students have benefited from Wayne’s wisdom and enthusiasm, some working with him on his research and co-authoring articles and presentations.

We will miss having him around on a regular basis, but are looking forward to collaboration with him as he continues his research as Professor Emeritus. We wish him the very best in his retirement.