Department of Linguistics

Dana McDaniel Ph.D.

Professor of Linguistics; Department Advisor and Chair
Dana McDaniel Ph.D.


65 Exeter St., Portland

Office Hours Fall 2015

By appointment. Best to contact me via e-mail.

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-4592

Ph.D. in Linguistics from the CUNY Graduate School in 1986.

Previous Experience: Taught in the Linguistics Departments at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1989-1990, and the University of Arizona, 1988-1989.

Professional Service: Reviewer for the National Science Foundation and various linguistics journals.

Grant support: National Science Foundation.

Research Interests

My research focuses on first language acquisition, specifically in the area of syntax.  Most of my work has investigated children’s grammatical knowledge. In recent years, I have turned to the question of children’s sentence planning in the real-time process of language production.  My current project in this area is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  It is in collaboration with Cecile McKee and Merrill Garrett, of the University of Arizona, who have a separate parallel grant from NSF.

I am also interested in language variation and the evolution of language. In these areas as well, my focus is on syntax and the role of language production.

Recent Publications

McDaniel, D., McKee, C., Cowart, W., & Garrett, M. F. (2015) The role of the language production system in shaping grammars. Language, 91, 415-441.

McKee, C., McDaniel, D., Garrett, M. F., Lozoraitis, C., and Mutterperl, M. S. (2013) Articulation rate: Effects of age, fluency, and syntactic structure. Revista de logopedia, foniatría y audiología, 33, 55-63.

Cowart, W. and McDaniel, D. (2012) What kind of a thing is a coordinate?: Qualitative comparison of agreement relations in coordinate and subordinate sentences. In Myers, J. (Ed.) Grammar and evidence.

McDaniel, D, McKee, C, & Garrett, M.F. (2011) Fluency markers for children's sentence planning: Early and late stage processing.  Poster presented at the 35th Boston University Conference on Language Development, 2010, online Supplement to the Proceedings of the 35th BUCLD.

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