Department of Linguistics

Language Research: Memory and Language Animal Games

How do memory and language interact throughout development?


In this study, you and your child (ages 4 to 7) will play two short interactive online games. The games can be played on a touchscreen tablet or laptop, and involve tapping and naming different animals on the screen.

Next, you and your child will participate in a live study with a researcher over Zoom. A puppet will describe some pictures, and we are interested in your child’s interpretations of what the puppet says.

This study is being conducted by USM Professor Dana McDaniel in collaboration with Professor Julie Gerard of Ulster University.

If you are interested in participating, click on this consent form, which also includes more information.

(The contact email and phone number given on the consent form are at the University of Ulster. You can also contact Dana McDaniel at USM:, 207-780-4582.)