Department of Linguistics

Maine & USM's First American Sign Language Shadowed Production features Linguistics students

We are proud to announce that many of our Linguistics students are part of the Department of Theatre's shadowed performance of As You Like It. ASL shadow-signed productions offer Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members the experience of theater without having to watch a sole interpreter on the side of the stage. Every speaking actor is shadowed by a signing actor and they are integrated seamlessly into the story.

This production opens April 17th.

This is the first time in USM's history there has been a shadowed performance like this. Actors and shadow actors have been working tirelessly to bring together this complex performance. Please come and cheer them on and experience a new form of accessible theater!

To purchase tickets, please go here or call the box office at 780-5151 (TTY: 780-5646).

Photo credit: Patrick Higgins