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Following is a listing of the five most frequently cited works by each of the three tenured faculty members in the USM Linguistics Department (Cowart, McDaniel, Shepard-Kegl).  The publications are listed in decreasing order of citation frequency. Links, as supplied by Google Scholar, are live.

Data as of 26 Sept 2013

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[BOOK] Experimental syntax

Cowart - 1997 -

Preface, 1. Introductory, 2. A search for evidence, Appendix to chapter 2, 3. The kind of evidence: words, objects and facts, 4. Dealing with evidence: language and logic, Appendix to chapter 4, 5. The status of concepts, 6. Bradley's account of moral responsibility, 7. ...

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Partial and multiple wh-movement

McDaniel - Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 1989 - Springer

This paper deals with two types of Wh-constructions that occur in Ge:rman and Romani: partial and multiple Wh-movement. In these constructions a Wh-phrase moves to the specifier of a CP that is lower than the CP over which the Wh-phrase takes scope. In partial Wh-movement, ...

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[CITATION] Creation through contact: Sign language emergence and sign language change in Nicaragua

Kegl, A Senghas, M Coppola - Language …, 1999 - The MIT Press Cambridge, MA

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[CITATION] PARSNIP: A connectionist network that learns natural language grammar from exposure to natural language sentences

SJ Hanson, J Kegl - Ninth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science …, 1987

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[CITATION] Locative relations in American Sign Language word formation, syntax and discourse

JA Shepard-Kegl - 1985 -

Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10. Page 11. Page 12. Page 13. Page 14. Page 15. Page 16. Page 17. Page 18. Page 19. Page 20. Page 21. Page 22. Page 23. Page 24. Page 25. Page 26. Page 27. Page 28. Page 29. Page 30. Page ...

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Anatomy of a Verb Entry: from Linguistic Theory to Lexicographic Practice*

BT Atkins, J Kegl, B Levin - International Journal of Lexicography, 1988 - Oxford Univ Press

Abstract In the context of five learners' dictionaries, we examine the treatment of certain systematic relationships in the semantics and syntax of the English verb and find a lack of systematicity in this aspect of the lexicography. We present detailed evidence to support ...

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Binding principles in the grammars of young children

McDaniel, HS Cairns, JR Hsu - Language Acquisition, 1990 - Taylor & Francis

The research reported in this article investigated the status of the binding principles (N. Chomsky, 1981) in the grammars of children between the ages of 3 years, 9 months and 5 years, 4 months. It was undertaken in an attempt to test and extend a number of ...

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Relatives children say

C McKee, D McDanielJ Snedeker - Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 1998 - Springer

In an experiment designed to elicit restrictive relatives clauses, 28 children ranging in age from 2:2 to 3:10 provided a corpus of communicatively appropriate relative clauses. In evaluating this corpus, we found that most children produced mostly adult relative clauses most of ...

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[CITATION] Eliciting judgments of grammaticality and reference

McDaniel, HS Cairns - Methods for assessing children's syntax, 1996

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Clausal structure and a tier for grammatical marking in American Sign Language

D Aarons, B Bahan, J Kegl… - Nordic Journal of …, 1992 - Cambridge Univ Press

Abstract Grammatical information in ASL can systematically be marked on the face. Such nonmanual marking extends over the c-command domain of the trigger, and therefore provides information about the hierarchical organization of the language. Consistent with ...

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Parameters for wh-movement types: Evidence from child English

McDaniel, B Chiu, TL Maxfield - Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 1995 - Springer

In this paper we report on a longitudinal study investigating Wh-constructions in children ranging initially from 2;11 to 5;7. We found that, in addition to accepting English-type Wh-movement, some children, for a period of time, also accept partial Wh-movement, Wh-copying, and multiple ...

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Effects of prior context upon the integration of lexical information during sentence processing

HS Cairns, W Cowart, AD Jablon - Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal …, 1981 - Elsevier

In three experiments it is shown that predictive context both facilitates the processing of unambiguous lexical items in sentences and makes their representation in the final conceptual representation of the sentence less salient. Facilitation is demonstrated in ...

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Experimental evidence for a minimalist account of English resumptive pronouns

McDaniel, W Cowart - Cognition, 1999 - Elsevier

In this article we provide evidence for a Minimalist account of English-type resumptive pronouns. Our findings provide empirical support for syntactic theories that, like Minimalist accounts, allow for competition among derivations. According to our account, resumptive ...

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Evidence for an anaphoric mechanism within syntactic processing: Some reference relations defy semantic and pragmatic constraints

Cowart, HS Cairns - Memory & Cognition, 1987 - Springer

In three experiments, we examined an interaction between the pronoun they and syntactic anal- ysis. Experiment 1 demonstrates that they can slow reading times to is when this verb is visually presented immediately after a sentence fragment ending with an ambiguous ...

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[CITATION] Language processing and familial handedness

TG Bever, C Carrithers, W Cowart, DJ Townsend - From reading to neurons: Issues in …, 1989

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