Literacy Education

Literacy Education graduate Lavallee awarded National Board certification

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has awarded Sherri-Ann Lavallee certification, making her a National Board Certified Teacher. Lavallee prepared for National Board Certification during her Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) program in Literacy Education at University of Southern Maine.

Lavallee graduated from USM with her masters in Literacy Education in the Fall of 2003 before coming back to earn her CAS in December 2013. She is currently the Literacy Specialist at RSU 16 in Mechanic Falls.

"To realize the dramatic improvements we all seek for students, Board certification must become the norm and the expectation in teaching as it is in other true professions from architecture to medicine," said Ronald Thorpe, Jr., President & CEO of the National Board, in a letter to Lavallee. "That will take time and a concerted effort, but most importantly, this vision must be embraced and driven by teachers like yourself."

Lavallee previously worked in the Lewiston School District where teachers were asked to participate in the National Board's Take One! program. After completing one of the four portfolios, Lavallee decided to continue on and finish the rest of the entries to be considered for certification.

National Board Certified Teachers still represent only a small fraction of the workforce, but according to the Board, that number is growing.

Formed in 1987, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is an independent, nonprofit organization that looks to advance student learning and achievement by establishing the definitive standards of accomplished teaching.

Photo courtesy of the Sun Journal