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Reading and Writing Workshop: Parents

The Reading and Writing Workshop is open to all students who want to become better readers and writers. Students will work with graduate student tutors who are completing their masters’ degree in literacy education. These graduate students are experts in literacy development and many are highly successful, experienced teachers.  They are required to assess the reading and writing development of their students and plan literacy programs based upon their needs and interests. They also model "strategic reading behaviors" and encourage their students to practice reading texts they will encounter in school. All phases of the instructional program are closely monitored by university faculty.

With supervision from their tutors, children select their own books and decide on writing topics that have special interest for them. They receive lots of positive feedback. It is not unusual for some students to experience dramatic gains in their literacy over the summer. Students genuinely enjoy the summer experience and often regret when the program ends. Students work in small groups with a tutor.

Students are tutored on the Gorham Campus for four weeks, four days a week, two and a half hours per day, beginning at 9:45 a.m. ending at 12:15 p.m. Sessions are held Monday through Thursday during the month of July.

On average , two-three students can be accepted for every graduate student tutor. The average enrollment is ten-fifteen graduate student tutors and thirty to forty-five students.

A great deal of preparation goes into every tutoring session. For this reason, we can only accept students who are willing to commit themselves for the four-week period. THERE CAN BE NO VACATIONS OR ABSENCES. The program requires a great commitment from everyone, faculty, students and parents.

The cost is $150.00. Student fees are used to purchase books and materials. Payment is due when you receive notification of your acceptance. Checks should be made payable to the University of Southern Maine.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents


The program is currently full. However, we are taking applications for the Wait - List.

Return application form(s) to: Summer Reading and Writing Workshop c/o Susan Inman, Acting Director- PDC, 37 College Avenue, 8 Bailey Hall, Gorham, ME 04038.

Be sure that the application form contains all the information requested as this data will be used by our staff to assess your child's needs.

The application form is in an Adobe PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can donwload it by clicking here.

2017 Timeline of Events
February 8, 2017 Application period begins
March 31, 2017 Applications for Wait List
June 8, 2017 Parent Orientation Meeting and Child Assessment Day, Gorham Campus.  Payment in full is due.
July 5, 2017 Workshop begins
July 27, 2017 Workshop ends, Award Ceremony

Note: Course and workshop dates are determined, in part, by public school schedules. We have tentative dates for the beginning of the course and workshop, however these dates may change once we know when public schools will be closing.

Please check back to this site often for updates or contact us.

For More Information or Questions:
Susan Inman
Director, Professional Development Center
8 Bailey Hall, Gorham Campus
Phone: (207) 780-5055