Literacy Education

Summer Reading and Writing Workshop

Welcome to the USM Reading and Writing Workshop!

The information presented is designed to give a basic understanding of the experience and to answer general questions. Further questions should be directed to the people identified in the material.

The basic goal of the experience for the attendees is to become improved readers and writers. No boxed or commercially prescribed programs are used as the foundation of the experience. The graduate students, the majority of whom are practicing teachers, develop individual programs for their students based on their needs and what works for each child.

Several routine but critical points will be re-emphasized throughout these pages:

  • Attendance is mandatory. There are no vacation days permitted for the children or graduate students during the workshop time.
  • Transportation is the responsiblity of the parents or guardians.
  • Parent's payment is due prior to or on the first day of attendance.
  • Promptness in children's arrival and departure is required.

Important information for:

For More Information or Questions:
Susan Inman
8 Bailey Hall, Gorham Campus
Phone: (207) 780-5055