Literacy Education

USM’s Literacy, Language, and Culture Program is committed to promoting 21st century literacy, multilingualism, and multiculturalism locally and globally. Educators, school administrators, international teachers are encouraged to apply. Learn more about Literacy Education.

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Scholastic Writing Awards of Maine

The Southern Maine Writing Project, in conjunction with the Literacy, Language and Culture Program was the host of the 2016 Scholastic Writing Awards of Maine.

Southern Maine Writing Project

The National Writing Project is the premier effort to improve writing in America. It has over 200 sites, including the Southern Maine Writing Project at the U.S.M.
Reading Matters

Reading Matters to Maine (RMTM) Scholarships

RMTM scholarships are available for those enrolled in SPY 427/SPY 627: Multi-Tier Reading Instruction for General and Special Education for spring 2018.