Mail Services

Bulk Mailing Information

Bulk or Third Class Mailings are now being processed by outside vendors and it is important for Mail Services to receive information from your Department about these mailings. If your department is sending a bulk mailing please complete the Bulk Mailing Form and forward to the Mail Services Department.

Helpful Information for Bulk Mailings:

The U.S. Post Office has certain requirements that must be followed for “Bulk Mailings” so that you are able to receive the best price available on postage.  These requirements can be met by sending your “Bulk Mailing” out through a vendor.

This vendor will:

  • Print your mail pieces professionally
  • Run your mailing list through the “National Change of Address Link” (NCOA Link) as required by the U.S. Post Office
  • Address, place the Intelligent Mail Bar Code on and sequence your mail pieces so they receive the Automation Rate for Postage
  • Place the University’s Permit # on the envelope or postcard so that you will receive the “Non-Profit” Automation Rate (which is less than just Automation Rate)
  • Take your mailing to the Post Office when it is ready to be mailed out

What you need to ask for:

  • Ask the vendor to email Form 3602 to you (This form includes the number of pieces going out and the final cost of postage)
  • Forward this email to Mail Services with your “People Soft Bar Code” so that the postage cost can be applied to the correct account (Please let the Mail Services Department know the cost of postage before they send it to the Post Office or as soon as you receive the information)

What you need to know:

  • Payment for postage is taken out of the University’s Postage Funds and your account will be charged for the postage cost of the mailing
  • Send the appropriate bar code you want the postage funds charged against
  • You will be responsible to the vendor for Labor and printing costs (you should not be paying the vendor for postage costs if you are using the USM Permit Number 370)

The following vendors are frequently used by USM:

Franklin Printing:   207-778-4801

Edison Press:  207-324-5410

Penmor Lithographers 207-784-1341

Direct Mail of Maine (DMM) (207) 883-6930

If you have any questions regarding the Bulk Mailing Process please call ext. 4288 and we will be glad to help you!