Mail Services


Answers to your questions regarding a bulk mailing:

We will no longer be processing bulk mail by hand per direction of the US Postal Service; this is to satisfy the USPS minimal electronic requirements.  However if you decide to process them yourself please be aware of the following mandatory requirements and fees that will be charged for errors that will be fixed by the mail centers.

As a reminder, to go out Pre-sorted (Third Class, Bulk)

  • All Posts Letters & Flats must have the exact same contents in each envelope.
  • Personalization of Pre-sorted Bulk Mailings is not allowed unless it meets certain criteria.
  • If all letters are the same and the individual's name on the address is the same as the name in the salutation, it is permissible.

This type of individualization is not allowed:

  • Handwriting on the envelope or on the letter inside the envelope or on any other piece of mail inside the envelope.
  • Stickers used for decoration are not allowed.
  • Post it notes are not allowed.
  • An extra note to an individual is not allowed.

If you have any questions on Bulk Mailings please call Jean at Ext. 4288.

You may stuff the envelopes in your office and please seal them if Flats and place a piece of tape over the clasp.

All Mailing Lists must go through the US Postal Service NCOA Link and there are no exceptions to this Postal Rule.  This is mandatory.  The list is then good for 95 days.  

The Addresses are required to be on the envelope in a specific position.  They must be on the upper half of a flat size envelope. (We have a machine that does this automatically placing all addresses in the same area on each envelope).  If the Mail is not addressed correctly they will be returned by the P.O.  Envelopes should be addressed before stuffing.

All Mail Pieces must be sorted properly according to zip code by the first three digits.  Letters must be placed in Trays and Flats must be placed in bags weighing up to 15 pounds.  If you do a mailing yourself it is required to have them in the bags or trays before coming to the Gorham or Portland Mail Center.  If the mail pieces are not sorted properly a fee is charged to fix the mailing at a rate of $30.00 per hour. 


Jean Cavanaugh

Supervisor, Mail Services

Ext. 4288