Maker Innovation Studio

COVID-19 Lab Procedures

In order to maintain safe use of the space, all users must practice the following policies:

  • Upon entry to the MIST Lab ALL GUESTS must sanitize their hands and sign in

  • All guests should wear a mask (exception for video taping)
  • Clean up and return all equipment. All guests should disinfect used equipment, tools, and other surfaces before and after use. Log out of accounts and turn off power when finished with equipment (including computers)
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the shared area of the lab to ensure proper face covering at all times
  • We will keep a 1 - 3 hour intermission between user groups (depending on the area of the lab) to reduce airborn virus transmission

Failure to follow these rules jeopardizes other users and their families and might mean you are not welcome back in the lab. 

Guests with symptoms such as fever, cough, nasal drip, chills, sore throat, and/or difficulty breathing will not be admitted to the MIST Lab

Extra face mask, IR Thermometer and Pulse oximeter are available if needed.

Protect yourself and others by maintaining covid-19 precautions. We appreciate your adherance to these rules. 

Updated C-19 related information available at Together for Maine website