Maker Innovation Studio

User Agreement

Welcome to the USM Mist Lab, open to all students, faculty and staff. The MIST Lab strives to provide access to a wide range of useful and well-maintained equipment and trainings, as well as project space. The MIST Lab seeks to provide a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for design, fabrication, collaboration and learning activities. MIST Lab users are expected to respect the rights of others, the integrity of the MIST Lab resources, and the community mission of the MIST Lab.

In order to use the lab you must sign a copy of our user policy, agreeing to follow all of our rules and regulations. The signature page can be found here


Users Will:

  • Use email or online resources within the guidelines of USM computer use policies.
  • Adhere to policies governing appropriate use of University identification.
  • Present identification upon request.
  • Comply with MIST Lab policies.
  • Respond to emergency alarms and other situations as instructed by staff; leave the building at closing and limit use of the Makerspace to authorized areas only.
  • Behaviors that infringe upon the rights of other Makerspace users or staff are prohibited. Prohibited activities and behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following:

Users Will Not:

  • Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or harassment.
  • Engage in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others.
  • Create disturbances with disruptive noise beyond what is necessary for normal activities in the space, e.g., shouting or loud music when a workshop is in session.
  • Engage in any sexual activities including, but not limited to, unwanted or inappropriate touching, unwanted or inappropriate advances, harassment or indecent exposure.
  • Vend, peddle, solicit or petition in the MIST Lab post or distribute materials without permission.
  • Use alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances.
  • Disturb others with strong odors, e.g., perfumes, alcohol or unsanitary personal conditions.
  • Obstruct use of MIST Lab equipment or facilities, or deny access to MIST Lab tools through theft or deliberate misplacement.
  • Deface or damage MIST Lab equipment or tools.
  • Borrow or otherwise remove MIST Lab equipment or tools from the MIST Lab.
  • Misuse, misappropriate, damage or deface the MIST Lab furniture, building, or equipment, including computer systems. Bypassing the filtering of websites on guest stations is a misappropriation of this equipment and is not allowed.
  • Have food or drink in areas where they are prohibited.
  • Bring animals into the MIST Lab.
  • Leave personal belongings unattended.
  • Sanctions for Noncompliance: MIST Lab users found in violation of this code of conduct may be asked to present identification to MIST Lab staff; may be subject to a search of backpacks or bags; may be directed to leave the premises and not return to the MIST Lab facilities for the day; and may be reported to USM police. Disciplinary or legal action may also be taken in accordance with applicable laws and policies.

Federal and Maine State laws, local regulations and USM policies, including the Student Conduct Code, Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment policies and other policies in the USM Policy Directory also apply within the USM MIST Lab. In addition, the MIST Lab has written policies on food, drink and tobacco and use of equipment.

Policy on Food, Drink and Tobacco Products

It is the policy of the MIST Lab to maintain an environment appropriate for the protection of equipment and projects and conducive to work. Food and covered beverages are allowed in some, but not all, of the space. The MIST Lab prohibits the consumption of food while using computers or other electronic technology. The Makerspace reserves the right to ask any user to remove his/her food and/or beverage from the space if in the judgment of the staff it constitutes a violation of this policy. In addition, failure to comply with posted restrictions or staff instructions regarding the consumption of food and beverages constitutes a violation of the MIST Lab Code of Conduct.

Guidelines for the Consumption of Snack Foods and Covered Beverages

In order to preserve MIST Lab equipment resources and provide a comfortable environment for all, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Food and covered beverages are permitted in most areas. Messy or strong-smelling foods are not permitted.
  • Water is the only uncovered beverage permitted in the space, and may only be uncovered in areas without technology or tools (design collaboration and social areas).
  • Unattended food and/or beverages are subject to being disposed of by staff.
  • Clean up any spills right away—if additional assistance is needed, contact MIST Lab staff.
  • Properly dispose of all food, trash, compostables, and recycling.
  • The use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes is prohibited in all areas of the MIST Lab. Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes) is prohibited in all University buildings. 

Equipment and Computer Use Policy

The following rules apply to use of equipment and computers within the Makerspace and supplement University-wide policies on use of computing resources 

  • Use of computing resources is a privilege that depends on individuals using the resources appropriately and in accordance with University policies and local, state, and federal laws. These laws and policies cover such areas as illegal access to computer systems, networks, and files, copyright, and harassment issues.
  • At times, the demand for equipment and computer usage could exceed availability. You are asked to be sensitive to the needs of others and limit equipment and computer use during times of heavy demand. The MIST Lab may take additional steps to regulate equipment and computer use, such as requiring reservations and setting time limits.
  • Users should demonstrate respect for individuals’ rights to privacy and freedom from intimidation or harassment. You are asked to be sensitive to the fact that some on-screen images, sounds, or messages create an atmosphere of intimidation or harassment for others. The MIST Lab may take steps to maintain an environment conducive to its intended uses.
  • Use of computers for recreational purposes such as game playing deters others from using these workstations for their intended purposes to support design and fabrication activities. The MIST Lab may intervene to ensure optimal access to computers for these purposes.
  • We welcome the use of laptops and other personal computing devices in the MIST Lab. Users may connect personal equipment only to the wireless network, or to ports designated for such use. Use of personal equipment, such as extension, adaptor, or power cords must not pose a safety hazard for others.
  • Users who fail to comply with these policies may have access privileges suspended or revoked.

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights

The USM MIST Lab is intended as a campus-wide innovation space, and is open to USM faculty, staff, and students. Use of the MIST Lab does not create any intellectual property obligations for the user; in other words, no new “strings” are added by use of the MIST Lab facility. The only obligation that is created by use of the facility is to participate in and enrich the community (see “Community Enrichment” above).

Any existing Intellectual Property (“IP”) obligations that apply to what a user brings into or creates in the USM MIST Lab cannot be eliminated simply by use of the MIST Lab facility, however. For example, IP obligations from an employment agreement or employer policy, whether that employer is USM or a private company, may apply to what a user creates in the USM MIST Lab (or what that user creates at home in their garage) if that creation is related to their work for that employer.

Further detail for USM employees and students regarding existing general IP obligations to USM can be found here.

For the sake of clarity, the use of the facility, equipment, supplies, or staff support will not create any obligation for USM employees and students to report inventions or assign said inventions to the University.


MIST Lab Materials and Equipment Use

  • All tools and equipment in the MIST Lab must remain in the shop at all times unless given special permission by the director. 
  • Some of the equipment located in the MIST Lab may contain aspects, parts, or components that will cause injury to the user if all rules, policies, procedures, and restrictions are not followed. Users agree to release and hold the USM MIST Lab harmless from any claims of personal injury, property damage, or any other loss in connection with the use of the MIST Lab, including the equipment, tools, and materials therein.
  • The MIST Lab does provide some material for student use for some equipment. If projects require a significant amount of material over what the Lab can provide then it is the student’s responsibility to purchase materials for their projects. Ask MIST Lab staff for help sourcing material that will work with MIST Lab equipment. Failure to report material usage or going significantly over the allotted amounts provided by the MIST Lab will result in suspension of MIST Lab privileges. 
  • MIST Lab will provide <200g PLA filaments free of charge. Users should bring their own materials for a larger volume print.
  • MIST is a prototyping facility not a manufacturing facility. 
  • Users will ask for help before using equipment they are unfamiliar with or have not used in the MIST Lab before. 
  • Accidents, Near-misses, and injuries must be reported to MIST Lab staff immediately. 
  • Users WILL NOT use the MIST Lab to create any objects that endanger anyone, including weapons. The MIST Lab will not print any object that may function as a weapon or part of a weapon. 
  • Users will practice best judgement and not print anything pornographic. 


Checking In and Reservations

  • Patrons are required to sign in and sanitize their hands at the front desk upon entry. Patrons may be required to present a USM ID when asked. 
  • Reservations for class or workshop use of the MIST Lab are required. Faculty, staff, and commercial users must submit the MIST Lab Project Application Form in order to have their reservation approved. All class or workshop participants must sign this User agreement prior to equipment usage. 
  • Projects, print jobs, etc cannot be left running or suspended while the MIST Lab is closed. Users must sit with their machines for the duration that they are on, MIST staff is not responsible for monitoring 3D printers, Laser Cutters, Kilns, Vacuum Molder, Vinyl Cutters, etc for the duration of their usage. The MIST Lab assumes no responsibility for projects that are unable to be completed within open hours. 
  • We have lockers available just outside the lab for long term storage of project materials.


Sign the User Agreement here

The signed form can be brought into the lab or emailed to: