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Frequently Asked Questions

All vehicles in University of Southern Maine (USM) parking lots on the Portland and Gorham campuses must display a valid USM parking permit which comes in the form of a hang tag hung from a vehicle's rear-view mirror.

Keep in mind a parking permit does not guarantee a place to park. 

On the Lewiston campus, you do not need a parking permit.

Students: You may register for your parking permit prior to the beginning of any semester. Requests for parking permits for the fall semester will be taken in mid-August and your hang tag will be waiting for you at either Public Safety in Gorham or the Parking Office on the Portland campus. If parking permits are available you may receive one in person or through completing the online application form. Requests for incoming students starting in the spring semester will be filled upon receipt of all proper paperwork.

Faculty and Staff: Faculty and staff parking permits are valid for a calendar year and can be applied for at any time.

Students: There is no additional cost for student parking permits. All students registered for on-campus courses pay a transportation fee included with tuition.

Faculty and Staff: Parking permit hang tags for USM faculty and staff are $25.00 for the calendar year.

Visitors: Must obtain a visitor parking pass from the Public Safety Office on the Gorham campus or park in the garage on the Portland campus.

No. Students need to fill out the Student Parking Permit Formsmall pdf icon in person or online with the Parking and Transportation Office (see the form for details). You will need to know the make, model, year, license plater number, and color of the vehicle, and have no unpaid fines in order to receive a parking permit. Only the Parking and Transportation Office issues parking permits.

Yes, all students may bring their own vehicle to campus, including first-year students. First-year resident students do have assigned parking lots, which include: G13A, G13B, G13C, G14, GS1, GS2, and G12A. 

Gorham: If you and your family are visiting the Gorham campus as a prospective student, you may park in the dedicated Office of Admissions spaces near the water tower. Other visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Public Safety Office for short-term parking. Public Safety is located at 28 Husky Drive on the Gorham campus.

Portland: On the Portland campus, all visitors can use the parking garage.

Lewiston: Visitors on the Lewiston campus can park anywhere.

Please return your parking permit hang tag to the USM Parking and Transportation Office, PO Box 9300, Portland, Maine 04104 or the USM Public Safety Office, 28 Husky Drive Gorham, Maine 04038.

If you happen to lose your parking permit hang tag, a replacement permit can be purchased for $22.00.

All outstanding fines, including those under appeal, must be paid off or receive an appeal decision before a parking permit may be issued.

Sign up for USM alerts to get up-to-date parking information during snow bans.

Any vehicle on the Portland campus during snow removal periods will be subject to a $50.00 ticket for impeding snow removal and could be towed at the owner's risk and expense at the discretion of USM Public Safety.

Gorham: Students can leave their vehicles on the Gorham campus overnight or during University-designated vacation periods as long as they have a valid parking permit. Students must park in Lot G13B between the “long term” parking signs.

Portland: Students can keep their vehicles in the parking garage on the Portland campus on the lowest level as long as they have a valid parking permit. Please keep in mind that the parking garage is only open from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM weekdays.

Lewiston: If someone needs to leave a vehicle on campus outside of normal building hours they should notify LAC facilities ahead of time.

Motorcycles are not required to display a valid parking permit hang tag to park on campus. Motorcycles are allowed to park in any regular parking spot. Do not park in hash marks, as they are in place to provide adequate turning for buses/cars/trucks and/or for use in conjunction with disability parking.

Not paying tickets could lead to official academic information being held until all payments are made in full.

If the bill is in error, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office. Please provide any information or documentation that proves your statement. If you receive a bill addressed to someone not known to you, you will have to submit a statement in writing to the USM Parking and Transportation Office, PO Box 9300 Portland, ME 04104.

If you receive a parking ticket and wish to appeal the violation, you must complete an appeal form and attach any supporting documentation within 10 days of receiving the ticket.