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COVID-19 Update

In response to COVID-19 and the current mix of course modalities (procedures) for the fall semester, the Transportation Fee has been modified:

  • Students taking face-to-face courses will be charged the Transportation Fee depending upon credit course load. These students will not be charged for a parking permit.

  • Students taking only blended or on-line courses will not be charged a Transportation Fee. However, a parking permit will be required if a student parks on either the Portland or Gorham campus.  The cost of this permit is $25. We are requesting that Students order their permit online at the Parking Portal

Parking Information 

Where to park? 

The Portland and Gorham Campuses have selected parking lots based on your permit type. For a complete list, click here

Please note that the Parking Garage on Portland's Campus is available for students, employees, and visitors. 

Want to know your Plate Class? 

Please click here to see what Maine plate you have. How to find your vehicle’s plate class information for the parking permit application: find your plate and the red two letters next to it is what you would use. For Out-of-State plates, please use PC as your plate class. 

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Campuses Information 

Portland and Gorham Campuses

All vehicles in University of Southern Maine (USM) parking lots on the Portland and Gorham campuses must display a valid USM parking permit, which comes in the form of a hang tag that must be hung from a vehicle's rear-view mirror. Keep in mind, a parking permit does not guarantee a place to park.

Lewiston Campus

No parking permits are required. However, students, faculty, and staff who also visit the Portland and Gorham campuses will need a permit to park on either campus. Current rate for this parking permit is $25 and valid for the academic year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31). Please fill out this form and either mail it to us, email us at or come to the Portland office for your permit. 

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Obtaining a Parking Permit

Parking Permits are available at the following locations:

In person:

  • Portland Campus
    • Parking Services Office
      Lobby of the Parking Garage on Level 1 (88 Bedford Street, Portland, ME 04101)
      Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Closed on Weekends.
  • Gorham Campus
    • As of 8/26/2020 - Student Permits Pick Up & New Employee Hires and Sodexo Permits Only
    • Public Safety Building
      38 Husky Drive, Gorham, ME 04038
      24 hours per day

Online (8/26/2020 preferred way):

  • Permits can also be obtained online through the Parking Portal. This online site can be found under the USM Quick Links on the left side at the home page of You must have your browser (example: Google Chrome) logged in to your account for the new COVID-19 guidelines and delivery options through the Parking Portal. Before you logoff or close your web broswer make sure you click on the words click here in red at the top of the page for the Google Form that let's us know you brought a permit and where to mail it to.

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Student Parking Permits [Updated on 9/29/2020]

  • Cost: As of 8/26/26, price is $25, if no Transportation Fee is assigned with a price on Student Bill.  
  • Term: Valid for the academic year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31)
  • Online: We do perfer you to order your permit online
  • Form: (You will need to know the make, model, year, license plate number, plate class, and color of all your vehicles)

Online Students [Updated on 9/29/2020]

Normally, for students taking all online classes and need services on the Portland or Gorham Campuses, you must contact Parking Services Office at 207-780-4718 or email us for information on parking.

For the 2020-2021 Academic Year, due to COVID-19, we will be offering a Parking Permit Fee of $25 to any Online Student. You may have to fill out the this form PDF photo for a Student Parking Permit, if you can not access the USM Parking Portal.   

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Permits

  • Cost: $25
  • Term: Valid for the academic year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31)
  • Form: OLLI Parking Permit Form  (you will need to know the make, model, year, license plate number, plate class, and color of all your vehicles)

Visitor Parking Permits

For prospective students and their families, there is no cost for parking at USM. In Portland, the Parking Garage ticket will be validated by the office or department you are visiting. In Gorham, the Office of Admissions has free parking available on Water Tower Road, in front of the water tower. 

Other visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit for short-term parking.

  • Term: Valid for 24 hours
  • Form: Forms need to be filled out in person at Parking Services Office in Portland or the Public Safety Office on the Gorham campus (you will need to know the license plate number of your vehicle) 

Short-term parking may include:

  • Staying overnight on the Gorham campus
  • Attending an athletic event on the Gorham campus
  • Visiting an office, college, school, or department on the Portland or Gorham campus
  • Visiting the Maine School of Law on the Portland campus

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Employee Parking Permits

All faculty and staff are required to display a valid parking permit with color side facing outward on rearveiw mirror in vehicles parked on the Portland and Gorham Campuses. This permit is not for Graduate Assistants or Work-study Students. 

New hires please fill out the form below and either mail it to us or email it to You may pay over the phone to us at 207-780-4718 or come to the Portland office. Gorham's Public Safety will accept new hires application and payment only at this time, please have the application completed before arriving. 

Retirees of University of Southern Maine may apply for a parking permit each year. These permits will be the blue Employee hangtag. Please fill out this application and either mail it in to us, email us it, or come in person to the Parking Services office on Portland's Campus.Retirees with a valid parking permit are allowed to park in the Garage and surface lots of USM Campuses. There is no charge for our retirees.

Permits will be available in mid-December after Finals week for the new year. 

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University of Maine System (UMS) Parking Permits

Parking permits from any UMS campus are permitted to park on any USM campus (surface lots only) in accordance with these campus guidelines, as long as the permit is not expired.