Maps, Parking, and Transportation

Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure the safety of the University of Southern Maine (USM) community and guests, it is necessary to establish guidelines, rules, and regulations for parking, motor vehicles, and pedestrians. Enforcement is necessary to maintain safety and fairness to all.

The following is an overview of the full USM Parking, Transportation, and Pedestrian Rules and Regulationspdf icon

Parking lots on the Portland and Gorham campuses have colored signs at the entrances. The following guide will help you identify which lots you can legally park in.

  • Blue signs: Employees only.
  • Red signs: Commuter students and employees on the Gorham campus. However, employees may not park in P2, which is the lot with the red sign in front of the Woodbury Campus Center on the Portland campus.
  • Green signs: All residential and commuter students and employees.
  • Green Striped signs: All resident freshman, resident, commuter students, and employees.

University of Maine System Parking permits from any University of Maine System campus are permitted to park on any campus in accordance with these guidelines as long as they are not expired.

Gorham campus

Residential Freshman Parking Gorham:

  • GS1 (Below Robie-Andrews Hall, along School Street)
  • GS2 (Next to McLellan house & ROTC)    
  • G12a (Lower Lot behind Phillippi Hall)
  • G13 a, b & c (By soccer field)  
  • G14 (Behind Dickey Wood Towers)   

Upperclassman Residential Parking Gorham:

  • G2B (In front of Upperclass Hall)
  • G7 (Behind Woodward)
  • G11 (Behind Upton-Hastings)   
  • G12 (Behind Phillippi Hall)  
  • G1 (Old Admissions Office along Husky Drive)
  • GC2 (19 College Ave)
  • G20 (By Police Station)

Commuter Parking Gorham (no overnight parking):

  • G2A (The Water Tower Lot)
  • G4 (Lower lot outside Bailey Hall)
  • G16 (All 3 levels in front of Gym)
  • G17 (Behind John Mitchell Building)
  • G19 (In front of John Mitchell Building)

Visitor Parking Gorham:

  • Designated lot according to temporary parking permit
  • G2A (water tower) - Admissions Parking Spots

Employee Parking Gorham (no overnight parking):

  • G1 (Old Admissions Office along Husky Drive)
  • GC2 (Next to 19 College Ave)
  • G3 (Outside Bailey Hall)
  • GC3 (Next to 51 College Ave)
  • G6 (Front of Corthell Hall)
  • G8 (Behind Russell Hall)  
  • G15 (Next to Anderson Hall)

Portland campus

Employee Parking Portland (no overnight parking):

  • P1 (Next to Luther Bonney)
  • P3 (Behind Wishcamper)
  • P4 (Off of Brighton Avenue)
  • P7 (Behind Woodbury)
  • P8 (Next to CMS Production)
  • P9 (In front of Sullivan Gym)
  • P10 (Next to Payson Smith)
  • P13 (Behind Wishcamper)

Student Parking Portland (no overnight parking):

  • P2 (In front of Woodbury)
  • P3 (Behind Wishcamper)
  • Parking Garage
  • P6 (only after 4:30PM)

Public Parking:

  • Parking Garage

OLLI Students (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute):

  • Parking Garage
  • P2
  • P3


On the Portland campus, visitors and guests can use the parking garage located on Bedford Street.

Prospective students and their families do not need a parking permit for campus visits. On the Gorham campus, the Office of Admissions has parking available next to the water tower. On the Portland campus, the office or department you're visiting will validate your parking garage ticket to waive your parking fees.

Overnight guests, athletic event attendees, and other visitors to the Gorham and Portland campuses need a temporary, 24-hour parking permit, which does not guarantee an available parking space.

Parking on the Lewiston campus does not require a permit for visitors, students, faculty, or staff.

Parking permits from any University of Maine System campus are permitted to park on any campus in accordance with campus guidelines, as long as they are not expired.

Parking in spaces designated and clearly marked for persons with disabilities requires the display of either a valid disability license plate or a properly displayed valid disability windshield placard. 


Gorham: Students can leave their vehicles on the Gorham campus overnight or during University-designated vacation periods as long as they have a valid parking permit. Students must park in Lot G-13B between the long-term parking signs.

Portland: Students can keep their vehicles in the parking garage on the Portland campus on the lowest level as long as they have a valid parking permit. Please keep in mind that the parking garage is only open from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Lewiston: If someone needs to leave a vehicle on campus outside of normal building hours they should notify LAC facilities ahead of time. 

On the Portland Campus at the entrance of the Parking Garage. The entrance is off Surrenden Street from Bedford Street. 

This station can be used by our students, employees, and visitors to University of Southern Maine campus.

The charger is a Level 2, with a 25 foot long cord, 40A charging, and a universal charge connector that works with most electric vehicles.

You do not need a Plug Share account for using it, but you do need to follow University of Southern Maine’s rules:

  • There is a 2 hour charging limit at a time. You cannot be plugged in all day!
  • You must unplug after the 2 hours to allow the next person to use the charging station.
  • Please plug in the next person in line, who has their port open, after you have unplugged.
  • After the next person in line has their 2 hours and if no one is next, you can plug in again for another 2 hours. Again, be aware of your charging time limits.
  • If you have a newer vehicle that locks the charger into the port and no one can unplug you then you must be aware of your charging times at all times.

Please note: You do not have permission to use the Charging Station inside the Garage. This Charging Station and the parking spot in front of it is reserved for a Special Permit Holder.  

Parking Services will make every effort to work with you, so when in doubt, please come see us!

To facilitate snow removal efforts, it is necessary for students and employees parking on campus during snowstorms and parking bans to move their vehicles to designated spots when required.

Information about impending parking bans is distributed via text and/or email through the USM Alert Emergency Warning System. Students, faculty, and staff should expect that a current or recent snowstorm is indicative of an impending parking ban.

A violation of these guidelines may result in any number of consequences, including a parking ticket fine, towing of a vehicle and responsibility of the owner/operator for payment of related storage fees, or suspension of campus parking privileges.

  • Residential Students parked overnight on the Gorham campus in a commuter or faculty lot will receive one warning of a parking violation. A second violation of parking overnight in a commuter or faculty lot will result in forfeiture of a parking permit hang tag for 30 days and the vehicle will not be permitted on campus. If said vehicle is found on campus during the 30-day suspension of a permit, the vehicle will be towed on sight.
  • The first parking ticket received during the academic year is simply a warning, and no payment is required. 
    • Unauthorized overnight parking: $25.00 fine
    • Obstructing traffic: $25.00 fine
    • Parking in a restricted area: $25.00 fine
      • Parking in a loading zone
      • Parking in a service vehicle zone
      • Parking in the wrong coded lot, spot, and/or parking on roadway
    • Afterhours opening of the garage for permitted USM students, faculty, or staff vehicles: $25.00 fine
    • Failing to display a valid parking permit hang tag: $25.00 fine
  • The following violations do not receive a warning and the vehicle may also be towed:
    • Unauthorized disability parking: $200.00 fine
    • Parking within 20 feet of a fire hydrant, fire lane, or emergency parking space: $50.00 fine
    • Driving or parking on sidewalks: $50.00 fine
    • Hindering snow removal operations: $50.00 fine
    • Afterhours opening of the garage for visitors: $25.00 fine

Payment: To pay for these fines in person, you may go to the Parking Services Office, located in the Parking Garage on Level 1 lobby in Portland, and in Gorham at Public Stafey located at 28 Husky Drive. We accept cash in bills only, check, and credit cards of Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. 

If a vehicle is towed, the cost and risk of the trow is the responsibility of the vehicle owner or parking permit hang tag registrant. The towed vehicle will not be released until all fines are paid in full, or partial payment and agreement for remaining fees have been established. If you suspect that your vehicle has been towed, contact Public Safety at (207) 780-5211.

A motor vehicle may be towed and stored at the owner's expense in the following situations:  

    • Vehicles parked on campus during 30-day permit suspension.
    • A total of $100 or more in fines have accumulated for the student/faculty/staff member affiliated with vehicle(s).
    • Parking within twenty feet of a fire hydrant, fire lane, or emergency parking space or in a manner that impedes fire-fighting or rescue efforts.
    • Displaying invalid registration plates or the abandonment of a vehicle.
    • Hindering snow removal operations.
    • Unauthorized parking during University designated vacation periods, snowstorms, and parking bans.

    Pedestrians should use crosswalks and sidewalks for their own safety. Pedestrians are prohibited from walking into traffic and/or obstructing traffic.  

    Public Safety offers on-campus safety escort services at any hour. To use this service please contact Public Safety at (207) 780-5211. A uniformed police officer driving a marked vehicle will pick you up at your present location and bring you to a different on-campus location such as your residence hall or to your vehicle.

    • Unnecessary idling of vehicles is discouraged.
    • USM assumes no responsibility for damage to, theft from, or theft of any vehicle parked on property owned or under the control of USM.
    • In compliance with Maine State Department of Environmental Protection regulations, mechanical repairs to all vehicles, with the exceptions of changing a flat tire or jump-starting a dead battery, are prohibited on campus. Changing or draining any vehicle fluids is prohibited on University property. Vehicles requiring other mechanical repairs must be driven or towed to an off-campus service facility. The washing of motor vehicles is prohibited on campus.

    For campus safety and emergency information, please visit USM Public Safety.