Multicultural Education Programs

Pathways/Newcomer ETEP Program


Pathways / Newcomer ETEP Program funded by State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)

Pathway I : Pathways to Higher Education for Educational Technicians

Pathway I “ program will help Portland Public Schools’ bilingual educational technicians and language facilitators earn 90 college credits in order to become Ed Tech III and work with special education students.

Services include: résumé and transcript review, orientation to higher education, writing and computer skills development, study skills, referrals to relevant support agencies/resources, assistance on financial/scholarship eligibility and tuition reimbursement, and individual career counseling and educational planning.


Pathway II :  Newcomer Extended Teacher Education Program (Newcomer ETEP)

Pathway II” program is designed to recruit culturally & linguistically diverse candidates with experience and aptitude for teaching, and to help them to be qualified for USM Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP). “Pathway II” program also supports individuals who hold conditional or targeted needs certification in high need areas to achieve teacher certification in their content area.
Students gain admission into the program based upon their background experience, credentials, prior education, and English proficiency.

Pathway III : Newcomer ETEP in USM ETP (Extended Teacher Education Program)

ETEP is a graduate level teacher education program that leads to elementary, secondary, and special education certifications and a master's degree.

Pathway III” program is designed to support Newcomer ETEP students who qualify and enter ETEP in order to achieve Maine State Teacher Certification. Students must have a BA or BS degree and must have passed Praxis I.

Services include: preparation and test supports for Praxis II, international transcript analysis, tuition and textbooks, scholarship information, ETEP coursework, academic advising, school-based internship and supervision, guidance to earn Maine Teacher Certification.