Dr. Alfred & D. Suzi Osher School of Music

Congratulations to this year’s Trustee Professor at USM - Assistant Professor Dr. Malinda Haslett

Dr. Malinda Haslett

The Trustee Professor is chosen from a list of outstanding faculty members whose research benefits the candidate, university, and population at large.  Her project entitled Women of the French Resistance:  The Struggle for Cultural Preservation centers around women composers who founded a resistance network in 1941 Paris called the Front Nationale des Musiciens.  These women Elsa Barraine and Claude Arrieu, in particular, put themselves in great peril, as they themselves were of Jewish descent, as they sought to save French music, culture, and lives that were being destroyed in front of them.  They and their male counterparts continued to compose during and after the war; but it was only the music of the latter that was recorded, leaving the women's music and lives to be completely forgotten.  With USM's support through the Trustee Professorship,  Dr. Haslett will research, perform, advocate for, and professionally record the music of the women composers of the FNM, so that these women may be placed in their right position amongst the great citizen musicians of the world.