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Samba in Rio: USM Winter Session in Brazil

Earn 3 Credits This Winter While You Experience Samba in Rio!

Samba in Rio: USM Winter Session in Brazil

January 2-13, 2013

3 credits


Samba in Rio is a pioneering new course that will introduce you to Brazilian culture in Rio de Janeiro, using samba—Brazil’s most characteristic music and dance—as a prism through which to understand what makes Brazil unique. In this ten-day course, your world-traveler instructors, Dr. Galinsky and Dr. Christiansen, will immerse you in Rio’s samba world, while exploring topics as diverse as religion, politics, sports, and race and class. Students will visit several samba school clubs that perform in Carnival, take lessons with a master Brazilian percussionist and dancer, and experience samba in the context of a soccer game at the world-famous Maracanã Stadium, among many other activities.


For more information, go to the Office of International Programs website:

For a Samba New York! introduction to samba music and dance, go to:


This 3 credit winter session course in Brazil is taught by:

Dr. Paul Christiansen, musicologist and USM associate professor

Dr. Philip Galinsky, ethnomusicologist and director of Samba New York!