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Summer Camp FAQs

Summer Camp FAQsScroll down on this page to find the payment and forms links.

These are frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you. If one parent has unanswered questions, then surely others do as well, so please feel free to send me questions that are not yet on this page. I hope you find this helpful, and that your camper has the best summer musical or theatrical experience ever.

Best wishes,
Lori Arsenault
Performing Arts Operations and Concert Manager
Summer Camp Coordinator
USM School of Music / USM Department of Theatre


NEW! What should I prepare for my audition?
Right after registration, participants in Music Academy and Junior Music Academy will perform an audition for seating assignments. For Junior Music Academy, just prepare something long enough to demonstrate what you are capable of doing--something around 30 seconds to a minute should be long enough. You should know your concert Bb scale and chromatic scale if possible. Anything from a lesson or etude book would be great, but students have also auditioned on pieces they have played in their school band. Percussionists should have a snare drumpiece with some rudiments--rolls, flams, etc, and a mallet piece if possible. For Music Academy there is no prescribe time limit, just prepare a selection that best demonstrates your ability. A short étude to a portion of a larger work is sufficient.

When sections are filling up, will I find out immediately if there is an opening?
No, the answer will not be immediate. If it were automated and a section filled, you'd just get a computerized reply saying that there are no spaces available. We decided that summer camp is just too important, and registration needs to be done name by name. First, all registrations before yours are processed, and rosters are checked and double checked. Then, if a section is filled, before offering you the opportunity to be on a waiting list we try to figure out a way to get you in. Thank you for your patience during this process. 

Where can I send a care package to my camper?
Send to:
Camper's Name
c/o USM School of Music
USM Summer Youth Music and Theatre Camps
37 College Avenue
Gorham, ME 04038.

What should my camper pack for camp?
That is different for each camp. We issue a camp letter for each camp prior to coming. If you need the list before you can find it, feel free to write to me and I'll send it to you.

Should percussionists bring any instruments?
Yes, percussionists should bring drumsticks. The University provides everything else they will need for rehearsals and performance.

How many campers in each room?
Overnight campers will be housed in Upperclass Hall in 2015, where there are 2 campers per room, and 2 rooms per suite. Therefore, a maximum of four students are housed together, 2 to a room. Each suite has a bathroom and kitchen area with a refrigerator. Campers have an opportunity to request specific roommates. We make every attempt to fill each request, but it's not always possible.

Can the dining hall accommodate issues of food sensitivity?
Yes. On the first day of each overnight camp, campers are welcome to meet the kitchen staff before the first meal to find out how to navigate the food choices. In the case of severe food allergies, dining hall personnel are willing to meet you in advance to accommodate special dietary needs. Contact us to make early arrangements.

Can the campers bring an iPhone?
Yes, campers can bring iPhones, but they will be expected to use them appropriately. They can not use them during rehearsals, and should primarily use them for contact with family, and as alarm clocks and metronomes. They can be used in a limited way to stay in touch with friends, but campers should primarily be socializing with their new friends at camp. Any kind of inappropriate communication while at camp, such as cyberbullying, is cause for immediate dismissal.

Click Here to Make a Payment

Make payments here
Download 2015 Medical and Consent Forms

Mailing address for checks and medical and consent forms:
Make payable to "USM," and put your child's name and camp (SMTA, SMYBDC, SoMMA, SMJMA)

Send to:
Lori Arsenault
USM School of Music
37 College Avenue
Gorham, ME 04038.

When does final payment have to be made?
Final payment must be made no later than thirty days prior to the start of camp, along with the complete medical and parental consent forms.

Why can't I just bring the final payment and consent forms to check-in?
The reason that we must have your forms and payments in advance is first, so that I can prepare the camp directors and head counselors for who they will have in their sections, who has any special dietary or medical needs, AND who doesn't. When there are forms and payments still outstanding, we have to make many revisions to the rosters and staff books in order to keep track of your children. There are many weeks of work that takes place before camp begins. In order for check-in to be smooth and pleasant, and to be assured that sections are filled and campers and staff have what they need on the first day of camp, we absolutely must have your materials well in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do I have to make my deposit and other payments online?
No, you do not. Online payments are meant to be a convenience for you, but we welcome cash and check payments. However, they must be timely. We will accept cash or check deposits that are received within five days of your submitted registration form in order to be accepted. Final payments must be made at least thirty days prior to the start of your camp, regardless of payment type.

How can I give feedback?
We'd love to have feedback about your summer camp experience at USM. Send questions, comments, concerns and helpful suggestions to me, Lori Arsenault,, to the School of Music director, Alan Kaschub,, or to any of the camp directors. Their contact information will be in the camp letters. We're working very hard to give your children the best musical and theatrical experience possible, and your feedback will be very helpful and appreciated.

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