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2021 Summer Music Graduate Courses

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In-state tuition $1,296 for 3 graduate credits Out of state tuition $3,558 for 3 graduate credits CEU cost $998 for 3.5 CEUs Additional fees may apply.

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Rachel Grimsby


June 28 - July 2, 2021

The USM School of Music will host
Dr. Rachel Grimsby for "First Steps in Music."

MUE 595 (3 Credits)

First Steps in Music is a music pedagogy rooted in research, folk literature, and practical experience. It is a fun, engaging, and research-based pedagogy that aligns with our National Standards and is centered in early childhood and primary general music instruction. Participants will safely engage in singing, dancing, playing, and movement activities that lead to immediate “take-aways” to the classroom. This pedagogy is flexible in that it should evolve differently in each classroom, dependent on who and where the participant teaches. This pedagogy is taught through a culturally responsive and relevant lens. Online teaching considerations also will be discussed.

This class meets 8:30am - 3:30pm Mon - Fri. Online Participation available

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Michele KaschubJune 28 - July 2, 2021

Improving Ensemble Performance with Composition

MUE 595 (3 Credits)

Michele Kaschub, online

This course will examine opportunities for meeting state and national standards related to composition in ensemble settings.  Ensemble leaders will learn how to match performance goals with composition activities that grant students new perspectives to advance interpretation along with establishing technical skills that allow for greater fluency in performance.  

This class will meet via Zoom 9am - 11am.

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