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2022 Summer Music Graduate Courses

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In-state tuition $1,296 for 3 graduate credits Out of state tuition $3,558 for 3 graduate credits CEU cost $998 for 3.5 CEUs Additional fees may apply.

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Jocelyn Armes


July 5, 2022 - August 5, 2022

Introduction to Research in Music Education

Corthell 112 July 5 & Aug 5 - Asynchonus online for the remainder.

MUE 611 (3 Credits)

Jocelyn Armes Systematic research methods in music applied to individualized descriptive and experimental music research topics and critical evaluation of music research. Study of measurement theory, standardized tests, test construction and interpretation for music aptitude, achievement, performance, aesthetic response, preference, and appreciation.  



Bridget Sweet

June 27, 2022 - July 1, 2022

Thinking Outside the Voice Box

MUE 595 (3 Credits)

Bridget Sweet

This course is designed to encourage new and holistic perspectives of the singing voice, especially voices of middle and high school singers. We will step away from typical considerations of voice change and unpack the experience within the bigger picture of adolescence. Topics will include exploration of the theory of simulacrum to challenge ways that people have been socialized to perceive voice change for decades; physical development, including body, brain, hormones, and auditory system; vocal anatomy and physiology in general, as well as during [assigned at birth] male and [assigned at birth] female voice change; and considerations for gender expansive students during voice change. Facets of the somatic method, Body Mapping, will be taught in connection to breathing and vocal production. And with all of this in mind, we will consider choral repertoire and the needs of students within our individual music programs. Ultimately, the goal is for participants to leave the course inspired to develop and strengthen teaching practices with adolescent singers as well as challenge dialogue about the changing voice within the larger music education profession. 


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