School of Music

Welcome to Summer Camp!

Welcome to the USM School of Music. We're thrilled to have you participating in one of USM Summer Youth Music and Theatre Camps.

If this is your first visit to USM, we'll show you how to find us.

First, use your favorite GPS or mapping software to find directions to 37 College Avenue, Gorham, Maine, the address for the Gorham campus. Here are two pictures of the campus entrance at College Avenue, depending on which direction from which you are entering. 

Campus Entrance 1

Campus Entrance 2


When you turn into the campus, here's what you'll see. Corthell Hall, the home of the USM School of Music is to your right, and Russell Hall, home of the USM Department of Theatre is the one you can see just ahead around the corner to the right, on the left side of the road. 

Russell Hall and Corthell Hall



All Youth Band Day Camp activities including check-in will take place in Corthell Hall. All parking lots surrounding Corthell Hall may be used for your initial drop off and check in.

For all commuters to the music camps, after the first day, when you drop off your camper, please park in one of the large parking lots, or you can drop off your camper right along this road by that walkway in front of Corthell, but please do not drive on our walkways.

Russell, Corthell, and Robie Andrews

Beyond (behind) Corthell Hall on the right side of the road is our dorm for 2019, Robie Andrews Hall.  


This next picture is the back of Corthell on the right, and the side of Robie Andrews, the dorm for 2019. 

Between Corthell and Robie Andrews


For everyone coming to the overnight camps, even commuters, check-in will be at the dorm, Robie Andrews, on the date and time indicated in your Parent & Camper Letter. Go up the stairs, into the door and turn right to enter Burnham Lounge, where check in will take place. The rooms in this dorm are double rooms, and campers have an opportunity to request one roommate, either on the registration form, or after you have registered. We will do our best to accommodate requests. 

Welcome to Robie Andrews Hall


Family and friends coming to most performances will go directly to Corthell Hall for music, and Russell Hall for theatre. Parking all around both buildings can be used for both music and theatre events. 


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