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Colgan’s report highlights the positives of wind energy in Maine

Charles Colgan, Chair and Professor, Community Planning & Development Program, recently completed a report on the economic impacts of wind energy in Maine between 2006 and 2018. Advocacy group Wind for Maine commissioned the report, and it predicts a strong 2015 for job creation in the industry.

The report estimates that roughly 4,200 new jobs will be created in state this year thanks to wind energy projects. It's stated that the industry creates an average of 1,560 jobs a year in Maine. Furthermore, the report points out the positive impact to the state's economy, mentioning the $1.3 billion generated so far in investments. Wind power companies have spent more than $532 million on projects in Maine over the past eight years, with an approximated $745 billion to be spent over the next four years.

"The development of wind energy generation has become a significant industry in Maine," Colgan said in a press release. "The industry has brought substantial new investment into the state and created thousands of jobs, helping to diversify and strengthen Maine's economy."

Click here to read Colgan's full report.


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