Muskie School of Public Service

Community Planning and Development: Program Goals

  1. A program that represents the values of sustainability as a signature element of the public service mission of the Muskie School
  • Sustainability in Curriculum
  • Sustainability in Research
  • Sustainability in Public Service

  • Recognized as a key resource in the planning profession in northern New England both for educating professionals in the region and influencing decision making in the region
    • Extend degree and course offerings across the region
    • Partner with professional associations to deliver non-credit training
    • Undertake research and planning projects throughout the region

  • A regional and national innovator in research and outreach in applied sustainability
    • Attract external funding for research and technical assistance activities related to sustainability
    • Projects recognized for impacts beyond Maine

  • Prepared to handle a wide variety of jobs in the planning and development field and to evolve their professional lives as the field changes
    • Curriculum should reflect evolving planning related issues in both core and electives
    • Value added in the educational experience in social science basis, research, planning issue awareness, and professionalization
    • A diversity of internship and GA/RA assignments
    • Connecting students to planning professional organizations
    • Degree completions within 1 year of All-but-capstone status
    • Graduates employed in diverse roles and settings

  • Capable of engaging in mutual learning on complex issues with diverse populations
    • Engage students in faculty research and public service projects
    • Use courses to directly engage with communities
    • Projects involving students address issues of urban and rural communities, and communities diverse in ethnicity, language, and income