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Making Connections: A Manual for Developing and Operating an Electronic Calendar of Accessible Events and Activities in Your Community


The Access to Recreation project goals included an activity to replicate Portland Connections, a model calendar of low-cost events, in three communities in Maine. The project staff met with Portland Connections staff to learn about the history and operation of the calendar. The manual was written as a guide to support the replication of Portland Connections for the grant goals and for future calendars that can be developed after the grant is completed.

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September 1, 2003

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine 2014 Chartbook

Adults with Intellectual Diabilities or ASD Chartbook

Adults with Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine, 2014 Edition provides a detailed look at the historical trends and current utilization and cost of institutional and community based services for adults with intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder.

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Dementia in Maine

Dementia in Maine

As the oldest state in the nation, Maine faces the impending impact of Alzheimer’s disease on its social systems, community resources, and its health and long term care systems. This report provides a baseline picture of the current use of services by people with and without dementia in Maine. Learn more in Dementia in Maine: Characteristics, Care, and Cost Across Settings.

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Report on Maine's Older Adults

With the aging of Maine’s population and its status as the oldest state in the nation, the use of long term services continues to be a critical public policy issue in the state and nationally. Learn more in Older Adults and Adults With Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine, 2012 Edition.

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