Muskie School of Public Service

David Hartley

Professor Emeritus

David HartleyProfessor Hartley taught Health Information Management in the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program. Dr. Hartley directed the development of such tools as the Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) tools with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and continues to monitor and advise on their use as they are implemented in numerous rural states and provinces in North America. He previously served as President of the Maine Rural Health Association and on the National Rural Health Association's Rural Health Policy Board for 6 years. In 2004, he served on the National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine Committee on the Future of Rural Health, which published "Quality through Collaboration: The Future of Rural Health" in 2005. Some of David’s most recent publications include “Built Environments and Active Living in Rural and Remote Areas: A Review of the Literature”, “Promoting Active Living in Rural Communities” both from 2015 and “Pilot Testing a Rural health Clinic Quality Measurement Reporting System” in 2016.



  • University of Minnesota, BA 1967; BS, 1972; MHA, 1986; PhD, 1993.


Rural mental health services and substance abuse, rural obesity, rural health clinics.


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