DeLora Reardon

Web Design Specialist III
DeLora Reardon


12 E. Chestnut Street, Augusta

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Phone: (207) 626-5017

DeeDee is part of the eServices team at the Capital Center in Augusta. She has been working on eLearning tasks for a multitude of projects since 2001. As part of the eLearning team, her responsibilities include designing and implementing distance learning strategies to respond to varied organizational issues presented by the Federal government, state and local agencies. DeeDee's primary focus is design aesthetics and usability, which a special emphasis on color, graphics, photography, video and sound. 

DeeDee holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration, a Post Baccalaureate Degree in Computer Information Systems, and is currently working on a Master's Degree in Adult and Higher Education.


New Publications

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"Profile of Rural Residential Care Facilities: A Chartbook" (authors: Jennifer Lenardson, Eileen Griffin, Zach Croll, Erika Ziller, and Andrew Coburn)

"Integrated Care Management in Rural Communities" (authors: Eileen Griffin and Andrew Coburn)

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