Muskie School of Public Service

Dinah Crader

As an anthropologist, Dinah enjoys spending time with people and travels as much as she can.  She volunteers at Maine Medical Center's cardiac rehab program, and in her free time she enjoys embroidery and making quilts.  She is currently writing a book about four generations of women in her family. She studied Italian for 3 years and conducted zooarchaeological research in Italy on a medieval site in Tuscany.  

She returns to Italy often and has visited the entire country from Venice to Sicily, most recently spending time in the remote region of Le Marche on the Adriatic coast. She has traveled through the Panama Canal and to the remote islands of the Galapagos where, she says, walking in Darwin's footsteps was a remarkable experience and privilege. She also enjoys visits to Chicago and Maryland to see her sons and their families, including 2 granddaughters.