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Geography-Anthropology is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the integration of the two disciplines through our common interests in the relationship between human populations and their environments, both natural and built. The major is a 40-46 credit program wherein students are expected to take courses in both geography and anthropology.

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Real-world Learning

We offer a curriculum that engages students in critical thinking and real-world problem solving and students are involved in qualitative and quantitative data collection in the field and analysis in our labs. The results include student publications, student conference presentations, and research and cartographic contributions to faculty publications.

Assistantships, Fellowships, and Field Work

Our students also receive assistantships and fellowships from NASA and the National Science Foundation. Geography and anthropology are disciplines grounded in fieldwork. As a result, our students are involved in fieldwork, data collection and lab analysis as part of their curriculum or as part of their work-study or independent study opportunities.

Students are also required to have internship or fieldwork experiences, to be able to write well and communicate effectively, and to have a basic understanding of analytical techniques.

Flexible Course Schedules

Courses are offered on both campuses during day and evening hoursand on-line; the department and faculty offices are located in Gorham.

Interested in learning more? Read about our academic offerings, internship opportunities, field resources, and faculty experts in the Geo-Anthro Open House presentation.

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Graduates of the Geography-Anthropology program at USM have the opportunity to pursue many different and exciting career options.

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"Profile of Rural Residential Care Facilities: A Chartbook" (authors: Jennifer Lenardson, Eileen Griffin, Zach Croll, Erika Ziller, and Andrew Coburn)

"Integrated Care Management in Rural Communities" (authors: Eileen Griffin and Andrew Coburn)

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