Muskie School of Public Service

Giving to Muskie

Welcome to the Muskie School's Opportunities for Giving web page. Your gift will be used to further the mission of the Muskie School —  to promote a vibrant civic culture, and to enhance democratic governance and policy-making in all sectors of society through education, which embraces teaching, research, and public service. Faculty, staff, and students engage directly in the communities we serve, reflect on what we learn, and create new knowledge to benefit the common good.

The Muskie School, a dynamic institution and vital resource for Maine and the nation:

  • enrolls 100 undergraduates and approximately 200 graduate students a year and has more than 500 alumni working in government, private and non-profit settings around the world. (For a sampling of where our graduates have been employed, see the school's Alumni Profile page.)
  • offers a bachelor's degree in geography-anthropology and master's degrees in community planning & development, public health, and public policy & management
  • works in every state in the nation through such national and regional programs as the EPA New England Environmental Finance Center and the National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement.

Scholarships are critical in attracting quality students to our programs. For the Muskie School to be competitive in attracting and sustaining students and to create learning opportunities for these future leaders of the public sector, philanthropic funding of our scholarship program is crucial. Our fundraising priority is to build a strong foundation for student scholarships by creating a stable and dependable base of annual and endowed financial resources.

We hope you will consider contributing to the school's mission today!