Muskie School of Public Service

Luisa S. Deprez, PhD

Dr. Deprez’s commitment is to social justice, equality and equity.  Her scholarly interests lie in social-welfare policy including the politics of policy-making; the impact of ideology and public opinion on policy; and impact of poverty, education and welfare policies on women. Her work is at the intersection of the disciplines of history, political science, economics, and sociology while also extending into the broader arenas of education, social welfare, and law.  Gender, race, and class are incorporated into her analyses, observations, and conclusions, heavily reliant on feminist critique. Her publications explore the ideas underlying the development of social policies, including the social, economic, and personal consequences. Since the enactment of welfare reform in 1996, her work has focused on how the restrictive nature of welfare policy affects recipients, including women seeking post-secondary education. Into this work she incorporates the power of higher education in sustaining privilege and its impact on barring access to low-income parents.  Dr. Deprez works with non-profit organizations, government agencies, and state legislatures seeking to extend access to post-secondary education to low-income individuals.

Curriculum Vitae